Whether you are moving during the holiday season or wondering how to store your holiday decorations, consider using our storage container rentals to safely store your holiday decorations. Our moving and storage company in Alpharetta has many storage solutions to organize your decorations for holiday storage. Read our Alpharetta movers’ tips for storing decorations.

Holiday Storage Tips in Georgia

Our moving and storage company in Georgia has over twenty years of experience in relocation services, including professional packing, moving labor, commercial and office moving, and storage services. As one of the leading storage facilities in Georgia, we have expert tips in storing decorations.

Throw Away Old Holiday Décor

Our residential movers suggest before placing your holiday and seasonal décor in storage, sorting and throwing out old or broken holiday decorations. This could include broken ornaments, bent tree toppers, or torn stockings. This will help you when you need to organize your holiday storage.

Separate Your Holiday Décor in Clear Storage Bins

To make your holiday storage easily organized, place your holiday and seasonal décor in clear storage bins. Clear bins allow one to easily see and organize your local storage unit. Our local movers’ tip for storing decorations is to place labels on the storage bins.

Utilize Hanging Storage Solutions  

One of the best ways to organize a local storage unit is to utilize all the space you can. Purchase pieces to place on the walls to organize your holiday and season décor. If you plan on purchasing hanging storage solutions, consult with our specialty installation professionals to keep them from falling.

Use Toilet Paper Tubes to Organize Christmas Tree Lights

Before throwing away those toilet paper tubes, repurpose them to organize your Christmas tree lights. By keeping them folded within the cardboard, you can keep the lights from tangling or tearing. You’ll thank us next year when you can easily find and unwind your Christmas lights after pulling your holiday decorations from your storage rental. 

Our Climate-Controlled Storage Facility in Alpharetta

If you are seeking the best containers for your holiday storage, consider our climate-controlled storage facility in Alpharetta. Our storage container rentals are monitored 24/7 to protect all your residential and commercial belongings, including your holiday storage. Need help relocating your holiday and seasonal belongings? Our Alpharetta movers can pick them up for you this holiday season!

Moving During the Holiday Season? Schedule a Move With Us!

Need more than just storage solutions for your holiday and seasonal décor this holiday season? Our full-service moving company offers the best moving and storage services at competitive rates. If this holiday season, you need to relocate your home or commercial business, our Alpharetta movers are committed to providing you a customized moving plan designed to fit your moving service needs, schedule, and budget. Contact our full-service movers for a free moving quote or call (770) 599-7075 to schedule a move with us today.  

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