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Why Hire Commercial Movers When You Have Employees?


Oftentimes your employees are handling some tasks that aren’t technically in their job descriptions. Whether by design or unintentional, these additional responsibilities can take a toll on employee morale and productivity if it gets out of hand. Don’t add moving your office to that list of tasks. Trust our Minneapolis commercial movers to get the job done for you and your team.

Avoid Downtime

When you task your employees with an upcoming office move, that means they aren’t spending time on their day to day roles and responsibilities. Your business productivity goes down and your employees are moving boxes and lifting furniture when they should be putting their attention towards your business. If you hire commercial moves, you will be able to let your employees focus on their jobs while the movers handle the heavy-duty packing, lifting and loading.

Equipment to Move Your Office Right

From your printer and copier to those bulky cubicles, you don’t want your team to break your valuable office equipment and furniture. Many of those items require specific equipment to get them out the door and on the moving truck. When you hire commercial movers like USA Family Moving, we have the right equipment to get those tricky items packed and loaded with ease. Don’t make your employees stress over the process or damage your expensive office equipment. Let our experienced movers handle the details and keep your items in good condition.

 Get Settled Into Your New Office

Not only will our Minneapolis commercial movers help you get your office packed up and move out, but we can help you reinstall and set up your office in your new location. Don’t waste time figuring out how to put those cubicles up where you want them or how to get all the wall TVs mounted. When you hire commercial movers, especially full-service movers like USA Family Moving, they will handle your move from start to finish, and then includes unpacking and reinstalling your furniture and office supplies. Your employees will be able to immediately dive into their work instead of worrying about getting their desk built or moved.

Increase Office Productivity

Moving can be an exciting time for employees. A new space, new offices, new environment can all positively affect the day to day routine, especially if your business is growing. Instead of taking away the excitement from the move by forcing your employees to become the movers, hire commercial movers so your employees can focus on the enjoyable parts, like decorating their office space.

No matter why you need a commercial move, it is always more efficient to hire commercial movers than to try and tackle it on your own. While you may save money in the short term from a moving fee, when you experience a drop in employee morale and productivity that can affect your bottom line for months to come. Our Minneapolis commercial movers offer comprehensive full-service moving options to service business large and small. Whether you are relocating down the street or across the country, we can help make the experience efficient and hassle-free. Count on USA Family Moving… your family movers!


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