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First-Night Moving Box Essentials You Should Pack

What some people don’t realize when it comes to moving into a new home is that the process continues for quite a while after you’ve arrived at your destination. After you are at your new place and your Minneapolis movers have successfully delivered all your belongings, what you are often left with is a house filled with unopened moving boxes.

It will take a while to get your things unpacked and put in their proper place. Depending on the size of your new house or apartment and the amount of stuff you brought with you, it may take from a few days to a couple of weeks. Even if you invested in professional unpacking services from your Minneapolis residential movers, it will still take some time to find a place for your things.

That’s why it is important to pack a first-night moving box while you are packing the rest of your stuff. This box should include important things that you need for your general well-being. Having these essentials easily accessible in a box separate from the rest of your stuff goes a long way in making your first night (or first few nights) at your home easier and less stressful. Here are some of the things you should pack into your first night box.

Cleaning Kit

Before you start arranging your furniture and putting your stuff in the new space, it’s best to give the place a quick wash down first. Avoid packing anything too bulky or complicated like a vacuum or mop and bucket, stick to the basics. Your first-night moving box should include rags, all-purpose cleaners, soap, bleach, gloves, sponges, and trash bags.

Snacks and Utensils

It may take a while to unpack all your cooking appliances and utensils. To keep you and your family from going hungry during that period, pack some snacks and basic utensils (better if they are plastic). Include simple foods that don’t need to be refrigerated or require cooking like chips and granola bars. The first few nights you may need to eat out or order pizza – be sure to pack paper towels to wipe off any greasy fingers.

Basic Toiletries and Supplies

After a long day of moving, you’ll likely want a refreshing shower to wash away the day’s grime and then a good night’s sleep. Have soap, shampoo, and conditioner on hand so you can jump into the bath as soon as you want. Other toiletries and bath supplies you should include into your first night box ­– toilet paper, towels, and a shower curtain. Pack clean bed covers, sheets, and pillows so you can make the bed.

First Aid and Medication

Just to be safe, pack a first aid kit in your box of essentials. Easily accessible bandages, cold packs, rubbing alcohol, and other disinfectants will be helpful should anyone get cuts or bruises while moving around heavy boxes and furniture. Another important thing to pack in your overnight box would be the medications you need to take on a regular basis. A move might be hectic, but never forget to take care of yourself first.  

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