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Welcoming a new baby into your family is a momentous occasion and many first-time parents consider moving to a new house once their families start growing bigger. Whether you want to move closer to family members or upgrade to a bigger space, a baby often results in a move. Expecting mothers often ask themselves this question before a big move – should they move before or after their baby is born?

When thinking about the time and physical effort it takes to plan and execute a residential move, most women reject the idea of moving while pregnant. However, moving with a newborn comes with its own challenges. At USA Family Moving, our Minneapolis local movers have helped move numerous families to and from Minneapolis and St. Paul. We know that the choice between moving before or after the birth of your child is ultimately yours to make, but here are some advantages for each option to help make your decision-making process a little easier.


Advantages of Moving While Pregnant

More Time to Go House Hunting

When you are planning to move to a new place, you’ll have to reserve some time to discuss potential new homes with your real estate agent, look at those properties, and maybe even attend some open houses. You will likely not have any time to properly house hunt if you are spending hours taking care of your newborn child.

Bond with Your Newborn

The time right after your baby is born is an incredibly important time for child development. It is best for parents to spend time bonding and nurturing their child. If you move after the birth, you’ll be spending most of your time planning, packing, and moving. Even if you hire professional Twin Cities full service movers who will do all the packing and moving for you, you’ll still be spending time collaborating with your local Minneapolis movers or St. Paul movers as well as traveling to your new home. Time spent away from your baby. Moving while pregnant prevents that.


Advantages of Moving After Giving Birth

Avoid Back Pain

Pregnancy can be hard on your body. Many women deal with regular aches and pains especially in their back and leg areas. The physical activity associated with moving like cleaning, packing, and carrying boxes can take its toll on a pregnant body. In fact, the American Pregnancy Association advises pregnant women to avoid lifting heavy objects. Leave the heavy lifting to your local Minneapolis and St. Paul movers.

Connect with Other New Moms

If your move involves relocating to a place far away from friends and family you currently have, you’ll want to make new friends at your new location as soon as possible. An easy way for new mothers to make friends is to join local mother groups like weekly walking groups, “mommy and me” yoga classes, or book clubs. With your new baby, you’ll fit in to your new community in no time!

It is important to consider your personal comfort when choosing between these two options. Regardless of when you choose to move your growing family, count on our movers at USA Family Moving to meet all your moving and packing needs.



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