Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just teeing off on your golfing journey, Atlanta beckons with open fairways and a community of passionate players. Join our Atlanta movers as we explore the dynamic world of golf in this vibrant city. The first thing to note is that Atlanta isn’t just a city; it’s a golfer’s paradise. With a climate that invites year-round play and a plethora of world-class courses, Atlanta’s golf scene is as diverse as the city itself. From lush greens to challenging terrains, this is where golfing dreams come to life. If you are interested in Atlanta golf, continue reading below to learn from our Atlanta long-distance movers. 

Can You Golf Year Round in Atlanta?

Atlanta’s golfing allure lies in its mild climate, inviting enthusiasts to tee off throughout the year. With generally mild winters and warm summers, golfers here enjoy an extended season that stretches far beyond the traditional parameters. The sun-dappled fairways and gentle breezes make each round a delightful experience. Year-round golfing in Atlanta offers a plethora of advantages. Beyond the joy of the game, golfers can revel in the consistency of play, honing their skills without the interruption of harsh weather. The accessibility to courses in every season fosters a community of dedicated players, creating a vibrant golf culture that thrives regardless of the calendar. Our Atlanta local movers would like to point out that there are different things to keep in mind when you are golfing each season. These are listed here: 

Spring: Embrace the blooming beauty of Atlanta’s courses. Spring offers lush greenery and comfortable temperatures. Consider lighter attire and bring layers for cooler mornings.

Summer: Beat the heat with morning or late afternoon tee times. Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and a hat. Enjoy longer days on the course.

Fall: Revel in the changing foliage as you play. Cooler temperatures make for ideal golf conditions. Bring a light jacket and relish the vibrant colors surrounding you.

Winter: While milder, winters can still be cool. Dress in layers, and keep an eye on weather forecasts. Winter golfing in Atlanta is a unique experience with fewer crowds and serene landscapes.

How Many Golf Courses Are in Georgia? 

For those considering a move to Georgia whether because of retirement or because of a change of scenery, the amount of courses in Georgia may be something to consider. Georgia, a haven for golf enthusiasts, boasts a diverse and picturesque golfing landscape. From the scenic mountains to the coastal plains, the state is adorned with courses that cater to every golfer’s preference. Whether you seek challenging terrains or serene fairways, Georgia’s golf offerings are as varied as its breathtaking scenery. There are 244 golf courses in Georgia for people to choose from. 

What Are the Best Public Golf Courses in Atlanta?

If you are interested in Atlanta golf, you are going to need to learn about the best public golf courses in Atlanta. Some of our Georgia moving services favorites include: 

  • Charlie Yates Golf Course at East Lake
  • Chastain Park Golf Course
  • Bobby Jones Golf Course
  • Stone Mountain Golf Club
  • Legacy Creek Golf Courses 

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