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What is a Moving Broker?


Ever heard of a moving company that doesn’t have trucks, a storefront or equipment? That’s because there are none. If anyone contacts you about a situation like this, they are moving broker, not a moving company. Confused? It’s understandable. Many moving brokers brand themselves as moving companies, so the lines can be a little blurred. Our team of Minneapolis movers are here to explain the difference and the benefits of each option.


What is a moving broker?

Essentially, a moving broker is a third party that connects moving customers with moving companies for a fee. They don’t have a storefront, trucks, equipment or supplies. They simply have an office with a computer and a phone to get their job done. Moving brokers are there to take the job of finding the right moving company off your plate. They will give you an estimate for a move and then shop the quote around to a moving company who can get the job done most affordably.


Are there any risks to using a moving broker?

There are some risks involved with hiring a moving broker. The biggest one is that your moving broker could come up empty in the task of finding a moving company if the price is too low or there is no availability. If you are working with a moving broker, it is always smart to start early to increase the chances of securing a mover. Brokers also do not accept any liability or responsibility if something goes wrong on moving day.


How can I protect myself?

If you decide to move with a moving broker, make sure you do your research, just as you would with hiring a moving company. The first thing you should check is whether your moving broker is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Every moving broker should provide documentation from the FMCSA to you, including a rights and responsibilities overview and a brochure about preparing for the move.


Your moving brokers should also provide you with a list of moving companies they work with, so you can do your own research. It’s important to do this research to ensure the moving companies that your moving broker deals with are official and licensed. Your moving broker should also be clear that they are a broker and not a moving company- if you see otherwise, you shouldn’t trust them with your business.


Is it really cheaper to use a moving broker?

The decision to use a moving broker or a moving company depends on your moving situation. If you are planning out your move months in advance, you’d have the time for a moving broker to find you the cheapest moving option. If you are moving at the last minute, you risk not being able to get your move date or price due to busy schedules by movers. Our suggestion is to reach out to moving companies early to see what the quotes would be and whether it would make more sense to pay a fee to a moving broker for a cheaper moving option.


Our Minneapolis movers are on hand to help you make the best moving decision for you and your family. Give us a call and we can provide you with advice and tips from our USA Family Moving experts. Don’t stress out about your next move- our U.S. veteran family-owned and operated moving and storage company will work hard to make your life easier.

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