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Don’t trust your move to just anyone. The most important part of the entire moving process is finding a reputable moving company to do the job right. You hear about moving scams all the time, with moving fails and disastrous experiences being shared online. Avoid being part of another moving company scam and do your 

Look at Social Media and Consumer Review Sites

The most efficient way to find out about a moving company in Minneapolis or St. Paul is to look them up online and read reviews from previous customers. Places like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Google Reviews, Facebook, and more offer feedback from customers, both good and bad, about their experience. You be the judge!

Hidden Fees and Hostage Loads

Double and triple check moving company estimates you receive, and ask a lot of questions. Your movers should be transparent with you and should be able to answer your questions easily. Ask directly about any hidden fees or additional charges that aren’t included in your estimates, like shrink wrap, blankets, fuel, large items, stairs, etc. If there is any confusion on moving day regarding payment, your movers can hold your items once packed in the truck until you’ve paid what you owe. Ask questions right when you get your estimate Instead of racking up storage fees while you argue with the moving company about fair pricing. Get everything in writing and ask your movers upfront and directly about hidden fees or additional fees that will be added on. Carefully review the contract before you sign.

Licensing and Name Changes

Any moving company in Minnesota with large trucks are required by federal law to have a DOT # easily visible on all advertising and their website. It is never a good idea to hire a moving company from Craigslist or similar sites that advertise moving services, but cannot provide a DOT#. Your items could be lost, damaged, or stolen. Worse, a DOT agent could stop your unlicensed movers and your belongings will then be impounded with their vehicle.

DOT numbers follow a company through name changes, address changes, etc. If you want to do a thorough history search on your movers, their DOT number can help. In addition to searching consumer review sites, the mover’s DOT number can tell you if a mover has changed their name to avoid a bad reputation.

Fake Pictures

Seeing lots of stock photos is usually a bad sign when it comes to moving companies. It either means that their quality of trucks, equipment, etc. is not as described, or that they aren’t as experienced as they claim. Do further research before selecting the company. Your movers should have real pictures of them out on the job, proving their exceptional service and years of experience.

Per Pound Estimates and Per Piece Quotes

Make sure you pay attention to the fine print. Just because there is a really low rate for a move, doesn’t necessarily mean your move will be significantly cheaper. Know whether you are paying a per pound estimate or per piece rate. A per pound estimate means you could end up paying a lot of money for heavier items for which you never budgeted. Always ask for a receipt with the weight of the truck before and after your belongings are unloaded to make sure you are paying the right amount.

Typically, a per piece, flat rate estimate is the best way to go. These estimates are created over the phone or through an online form describing the items that will be moved. The only fees that come into play are extra items added on moving day. Always make sure to give your movers a heads up if you have a lot of extra items.

Pay Attention to Insurance

Every moving company in Minneapolis and St. Paul claims that they are licensed and insured, and some may be; but some may only carry the insurance that is legally required from them by the Department of Transportation. This level of insurance is just $.60 per pound liability rate. Always ask your movers about the different insurance options available to you. Avoid paying out of pocket for anything that could go wrong during your move.


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