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If you are lucky enough to have a flexible moving schedule, you can plan your move to best fit your budget and family’s schedule. Our Twin Cities moving company, USA Family Moving, is open all year round – our local movers can execute your move to and from Minneapolis or St. Paul during any time of year. Below we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a move in each season to try to answer the question – when is the best season to move?


The winter in Minneapolis and St. Paul can get incredibly harsh. The super cold temperatures can discourage many people from moving in winter when most families want to spend quality time together during the holidays. The high winds and heavy snowfall can also lead to less than ideal road conditions for moving trucks. Our Twin Cities moving company is familiar with local terrain and weather, but a move in winter maybe too much of a risk for some.

However, due to the reasons listed above, winter is the least busy time of year for moving companies in the Twin Cities area. The lower demand leads to lower price rates. If you’re moving on a tight budget, moving in winter may be the right choice for you.


This season is at the start of the school year which prevents many families from scheduling their moving date in the fall. Moving in the fall means taking your children out of classes, at least for a while.

If you are willing to put school on hold or if you don’t have any school-age children, the fall may be the best season to move. Fall, like winter, is not during peak moving season which means more flexible pricing. Unlike winter, fall brings with it milder weather conditions.


Late spring, especially after the start of May is not the best season to move. The peak moving season starts in the beginning of May which means higher demand for moving companies in Twin Cities and therefore higher prices. Late spring also brings heavy rainfall and mud.

On the other hand, early spring, essentially before May starts, may be the best season to move since you avoid peak season and enjoy more agreeable weather.


Summer break is a big advantage of moving in the summer. Having the children out of school and at home makes summer one of the best seasons to move is summer break. Not only do parents avoid having to disrupt their family’s school schedules, they can get their kids to help during the moving process.

However, moving in the summer has one major disadvantage. All summer months are in the middle of peak moving season. Since so many families want to take advantage of the school break, most end up scheduling their moving dates in summer. The high demand for local movers in Minneapolis and St. Paul means higher moving rates.

Each season comes with its own set of pros and cons. In the end, the best season to move will be heavily based on your budgetary concerns, family schedules, and overall moving needs. Our St. Paul and Minneapolis local movers are available all year round. Trust our Twin Cities moving company to offer you helpful tips and advice for all your moving and packing needs.


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