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Checklist for Moving into a New House – Tips from Your Minnesota Moving Company

Moving to a new house can be a daunting task. You are basically uprooting your life and relocating to a new home. Ideally, you want to give yourself a few months to prepare for a move. However, our Minneapolis local movers understand that people lead busy lives, and many don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to planning a move.

With that in mind, our team at USA Family Moving has come up with a two-month long moving timeline of what to expect and do when preparing for your residential move.

Two Months Before – Preparing for a Move

  • Research Moving Companies. This far out from your moving date should mostly be dedicated to preliminary steps in the moving process like researching potential moving companies and collecting quotes, preferably in writing. Check the USDOT numbers of the all the companies you are considering.


  • Declutter for A Move. Go from room to room and decide the belongings you’ll keep and move with you versus the things you can get rid of before packing up. While taking a brief inventory of your possessions, also identify which items will need special packaging or extra moving insurance.

One Month Before – When to Start Packing

  • Start Packing. Once you’ve chosen a Minnesota moving company and confirmed your moving date with your professional movers, packing can begin. Where to start? Pack non-essentials and things you use infrequently first. Pack the things you use every day when it’s closer to moving day. Make sure to number and label each box with a list of its contents and its designated room.


  • Notify Others About Your Move. Inform important parties about your upcoming move as well as your new home address. Got to your local post office to complete an official change of address so that mail can start being sent to your new home. Other parties you should notify include:
    • Human resources
    • Utility companies
    • Banks
    • Credit card companies
    • Insurance providers
    • Subscriptions
    • Children’s Schools
    • Doctors Offices
    • The Post Office

Two Weeks Before – Be Ready to Move

  • Arrange a Day Off. Ask your employer for one day off so that you are free to supervise you professional Minneapolis residential movers on moving day.


  • Schedule a Car Checkup. You’ll likely be driving your car to your new home on moving day, so play it safe by taking it to a garage for a mechanic to look over. Get all the services it needs, especially if you are moving somewhere with a different climate.

One Week Before – The Finishing Touches

  • Pack Suitcases and Essentials Box. Pack a few changes of clothes and other essentials. These are the things that you will need once you get to your new place. Have enough essentials to last you the few days it will take to full unpack your stuff.


  • Defrost the Refrigerator. Wait until the days right before your moving date to defrost your fridge and freezer. It is best to have gone through as much fresh produce and other food items as possible in the prior weeks. If you are transporting your fridge, it needs to be empty and dry.


  • Reconfirm Moving Date. Call your moving company to confirm the date of your residential move as well as their arrival time. Clearly communicate with them the directions to your new house and make sure they have your contact information, especially your phone number.

On Moving Day –Minneapolis Local Movers

  • Verify the USDOT Number. Once a moving truck shows up at your house, be sure to check the USDOT number painted on its side. Also verify the written estimate you were given by your Minnesota moving company. Make sure both these things check out to avoid potential moving scams.


  • Allow Your Minneapolis Local Movers to Handle Your Move. If you take advantage of full-service moving at USA Family Moving, you won’t have to do many of the steps listed above. We’ll do it for you.


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