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Our Minneapolis movers at USA Family Moving are here to help you avoid common moving mistakes that can waste time and money. From start to finish, our Minnesota moving company will make sure your move is simple and efficient. Here are our top moving mistakes to avoid.

Hiring Movers Without Any Research

Before you commit to working with a moving company, make sure you do extensive research to find the right moving company for you. Check out their Yelp, Facebook, website and customer reviews and make sure you like what you see. Then, before you hire a mover, call a couple of the top ones you’ve found in your online research and get a sense of how they operate. Once you are satisfied and have all your questions answered, then you can schedule an estimate and ask for a quote.

Moving Your Belongings Without Cleaning Them Out

Make sure you take time to go through and purge some of your items before you move. Do a clean sweep of your house to get rid of the stuff you don’t need or don’t want anymore. Host a yard sale or donate those items to charity- just get them out of your house so you don’t waste time and money moving stuff you won’t use!

Waiting Until the Last Minute

Start preparing for a move early! Procrastination and moving are not a good combo. It takes time to do research on your movers, pack your house and get yourself organized for the move. Waiting until the last minute can add up the costs of your move as well because your movers and packers will be trying to squeeze you in.

Forgetting to Measure Your Doorways and Furniture

Always remember to measure your furniture and doorways before you move- that way it ensures you aren’t moving furniture there unnecessarily.

These are just some of the top moving mistakes our Minneapolis movers have witnessed. If you have questions then make sure to call our USA Family Movers today!

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