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Don’t stress out when it comes to getting your belongings packed for your upcoming move. Packing may not be enjoyable but it can be efficient and even help you do some spring cleaning. Our Twin Cities moving company is here to make your life easier. Take advantage of these easy ways to pack for moving from our USA Family Moving team.

Label Your Boxes

One of the most underrated packing tips is labeling your boxes. You can be the most organized packer of all time and get the job done in a flash but if you don’t know what boxes hold which items, you are going to be pulling your hair out. When you label your boxes, you can make it easier on yourself when it’s time to unpack and find those important items you need. You’ll save time and make things run a lot smoother when it is time to settle in to your new home.

Start Early

Never procrastinate when it comes to packing. It always takes a lot longer than you’d think. Make sure you set aside a couple weeks to get your items organized, sorted and packed. Waiting until the last minute means you may not do the best job getting your items safely secured and could experience damages.


Packing is a great opportunity to clean out your home. Go room by room and create three piles, items to keep, items to sell or donate and items to throw away. Once you make it through each room, take the items you want to sell or give away and host a yard sale or give them to charity. The less stuff you have to pack, the cheaper it will be and the easier it will be to get the job done. (And you’ll enjoy not having a cluttered mess in your new home).

Use Items You Already Own to Pack

Items you already have in your home can be used to pack your belongings efficiently and affordably. Your trash bags can be used to pack up your hanging clothes. Your suitcases, bins and baskets can be used to storage clothes, shoes, blankets and bedding. And those sweatshirts and blankets can be used as filler for your boxes with fragile items like glassware and dishes.

Know What Not to Pack

The final tip we have is to know what not to pack. Take all your jewelry and other important valuables with you in the car. This way they don’t get misplaced, damaged or lost. Pack up a small bag of essentials, clothes, toiletries, etc. that you can use when you get to your new home.

With these easy ways to pack for moving from our Twin Cities moving company you can experience a hassle-free move.

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