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Moving and Packing Tips and Tricks – Packing Your Suitcase for Vacation

At USA Family Moving, our Minneapolis local movers know a thing or two about packing. From residential moves to office relocations to emergency same-day moves, our full-service movers have packed up the belongings of countless people quickly and efficiently. Here, we share some suitcase packing tips that will help you pack for your summer vacation.

Roll Your Clothes

If your summer vacation is a short one, you’ll only need to pack a carry-on suitcase. To save space, tightly roll you clothes before putting them into your bag instead of folding them. You’ll be able to fit in more articles of clothing. This method is best for stretchy fabrics; any wrinkle-prone tops and dresses should be folded and placed on top.

Put Toiletries into a Separate Pouch

Place your essential toiletries into a separate watertight pouch to avoid any leaks as well as for easy accessibility. Make sure to buy travel-sized versions of your essentials and must-have beauty products. A cheaper alternative would be to buy travel-sized containers and bottles instead and fill them up with your cosmetic concoctions. Don’t forget the summer necessity – sunblock.

Pack by Outfit

Instead of packing your favorite pieces of clothing at random, create potential outfits first and only pack items that fit into an outfit. This way, you won’t get frustrated by having to match your clothes and make up outfits once you get to your summer vacation destination. Clothes that can fit into multiple outfits are a bonus!


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