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The 2019 American Fitness Index report was released this month and St. Paul was among the top 10 fittest U.S. cities. St. Paul took seventh place, while neighboring metropolis Minneapolis ranked third.1 Both Minnesotan cities have placed high in the Fitness Index for several years.

There are numerous factors related to how the city of St. Paul has supported the good health of its residents. In addition to the natural landscape as a perfect environment for cardio activities like biking, hiking, and running, both the city’s public and private sectors have promoted healthy living and regular exercise within the community.

“People who live in healthier cities — that is cities that have better air quality, better places to be safe for walking and cycling, where there are farmers markets for healthier eating, where cities spend more money on improving and maintaining recreational facilities — it makes it much easier for people to be physically active.” – Barbara Ainsworth, Chair of the American Fitness Index Board2

Index rankings were based on 33 separate indicators which took into account personal health as well as community and environmental factors that help facilitate better access to healthy living resources and fitness facilities. So, St. Paul being the seventh fittest U.S. city means it not only offers these resources, but also has some of the most active and healthiest Americans living within its borders.

The Best St. Paul Gyms & Fitness Spots for a Great Workout

When you aren’t in the mood for an outdoor workout, or the cold winter months make it almost impossible to do anything, never mind a rigorous fitness routine, outside – consider an indoor workout at one of the many gyms and fitness classes located in and around St. Paul.

Alchemy 365

Why go there: Everyday is a new high-energy workout that always lasts less than an hour. Fast-paced classes offering a dynamic mix of yoga, strength, and conditioning exercises plus something unique every time you go.



Why go there: Get a hardcore leg and butt workout while listening to a playlist of heart-pumping hits. Spirited instructors inspire you to keep going. Make sure to attend the themed classes for extra fun.


Pure Barre

Why go there: Experience the grace and power of ballet while getting a full body workout. Highly trained instructors keep an eye on your form, so you can concentrate on burning calories and toning muscles.


CorePower Yoga

Why go there: Work up a sweat with yoga cranked up to the next level. High-intensity sessions are balanced out with periods of relaxation. Start stretching out your limbs anytime, the first week of classes is free!



Why go there: Offering workouts inspired by professional kickboxers, the sessions are fun and upbeat. The intense individual routines and partner drills are designed to lose weight, tone muscles, and energize the body.


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