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Best Packing Supplies –­ Things You Need for Packing to Move

Typical packing materials like moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing peanuts can be found in any office supply store. You’ll probably be using these moving and packing supplies the most for your move. However, some of your things like furniture and large appliances will require special packaging to transport safely. The packing supplies listed below aren’t as widely available, but they come standard when you enlist professional Twin Cities movers from USA Family Moving.

Moving Blankets

These heavy pieces of fabric are quilt padded and usually come in blue. Moving blankets are used to protect large house items, typically wooden furniture, but also couches and pianos. Another type of moving blanket is non-quilted, which means it does not contain filler. These are called “skins” and often come in dark grey.

Wardrobe Boxes

If you hang up most of your clothes in your closet and would rather not fold them for your move, wardrobe boxes are the perfect solution. These specialty packing boxes are made of cardboard like most boxes, but they are taller and have an opening side flap as well as a metal or plastic rod attached at the top that you hook your clothes hangers to.


When it comes to residential moving, wooden crates are usually customized to carry delicate furniture pieces and home accessories. The most common crating solutions are mirror crates and artwork crates. Pianos are also commonly transported inside a wooden crate.


With professional Twin Cities movers, you can have access to these specialty moving and packing supplies. Access you would likely not have if you were doing a DIY move. Trust USA Family Moving to pack all your things and move them to your new home safe and sound!

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