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This year’s winter in the Twin Cities has been particularly harsh and long. In fact, last month was the snowiest February in Minneapolis on record with over 30 inches of snow falling on the city.1 These types of conditions make moving in Minneapolis or St. Paul during the winter less than ideal, but sometimes you’ve gotta to do what you gotta to do!

If a move in cold winter weather is coming up in your schedule, you’ll want to wear the proper Minnesota winter essentials and make sure both your old home and your new one is properly heated. Our Twin Cities moving company operates rain or shine, snow or clear skies. Our local movers in Minneapolis are familiar with working in the area’s climate and unruly weather conditions.

Here are some helpful tips from our Minneapolis residential movers on transferring utilities when moving and heating your home before moving in. That last thing you want is for your full-service movers to arrive to a freezing home, whether it’s the one they need to pack up or the final destination.


How Much Notice to Give Utility Companies When Moving?

If the neighborhood you are moving to is serviced by another utility provider, it’s best to notify them at least two weeks before your move-in date. Most utility companies will take about a week to set up everything at your new house. Then, provide your current provider with a disconnect date the day after your move out.


Tips on Transferring Utilities When Moving Locally

If your new home will be using the same provider, also give notice two weeks in advance. Make sure to inform them that you want your new home to have all its utilities set up before your move-in date. Also, give them a disconnect date, a day after you move out of your current home. You may have two separate accounts getting billed simultaneously, at least for a short time.

With the proper planning and correct timing, you can ensure both your old home and new home will be warm and cozy for both you and your Minneapolis local movers on moving day.

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  1. Jason Samenow, Washington Post – It’s the snowiest February on record in Minneapolis, and a blizzard could hit this weekend

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