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Moving from the place that you have always called home is hard. Our Minneapolis residential movers know that though moving can be stressful, it can also be an exciting time for you and your family as well. A lot of thought goes into planning a move and deciding where the next place to call home should be, especially when you’re moving with a family or if you plan to start one. We know that you will spend several years in Edina, MN, once you move and we want you to feel at home as soon as you drive down the street of your new home. Our professionals give you 8 reasons to move your family to Edina, MN!

Reasons to Move Your Family to Edina, MN

There are many things to love about Edina, MN. For example, there are many lively places to hang out with friends and family, like restaurants and parks. There are also great shopping options in town. Beyond the entertainment opportunities and places to eat, our Edina movers know that you will love this list of our town’s qualities the most.

Healthy Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Edina right now is a buyer’s market. If you are moving to Edina and are planning on owning your home in this affluent neighborhood, you will find a beautiful selection for an affordable price.

Top-Performing Schools & Athletic Programs

Thinking of starting a family in Edina, MN? You have chosen the right place! The public school system in Edina is one of the best and is a nationally recognized public school district. Your kids will receive a strong academic foundation.

Safety Is a Priority

There is one thing you will not have to worry about when living in Edina, MN, and that is your family’s safety. Due to the exceptional schools and extracurricular activities they provide for students, there is a great sense of community in the Edina area. This community bond makes for a safe residential environment, which is why Edina is one of the safest suburbs in Minneapolis.

Proximity to Amenities

If you are looking for a place in Minneapolis to live with a central location to local amenities that you can walk or drive to, Minneapolis local movers know that Edina, MN is the place for you. Many major highways pass through Edina, which makes it easy for residents to get to and from places beyond the area. If you want to get around Edina locally, there are also bus and Metro Transit options available. Should you have a job that requires travel for business or if you are a family who frequently vacations, the MSP International Airport is just 11 minutes away!

Plenty of Entertainment in Edina

You and your family will never be bored in Edina, MN! There is a unique and diverse retail experience that you can only get here. From the high-end boutiques and large malls, there is something for everyone in this suburb! Take a trip to Southdale Shopping Center – America’s first indoor shopping mall – to browse more than 100 stores. After Southdale, head over to the famous Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, which houses more than 500 stores, 60 restaurants, an indoor theme park, and more!

If you do not need any other reasons to move your family to Edina, MN, let our professional Minneapolis full-service movers help get you there! Contact us today to get started on your quote for your move!

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