How to Protect Carpet When Moving

If you are going to be moving soon and your home has carpet, you may be wondering how to protect it from damage when moving day comes. Carpet is especially popular in locations where cold temperatures are popular, like Minnesota, since it retains moisture and heat more effectively. A drawback of carpet flooring is that it can be easily damaged. When this happens, it could be difficult and expensive to repair. In the following article, USA Family Moving and our Minnesota movers will explain how to protect carpet when moving. Continue reading for more. 

What Do Movers Do to Protect Floors? 

Experienced movers like the ones that we employ make sure to protect your floors with our special tools and techniques. For carpet floors, we make sure to use carpet masks to move heavy furniture that needs to be rolled out of a home. A carpet mask is a kind of stretch wrap that makes sliding materials much easier while also protecting them from debris like dust or dirt. When our Minneapolis movers are getting prepared to move furniture like this, we make sure to map out the route in your home so that we know where to place this carpet mask. 

While this technique is especially useful in learning how to protect carpet when moving, it will not be as effective for wooden floors. If you are moving furniture across wooden floors, you will need floor runners. This forms part of our extensive collection of tools and consists of an adhesive that sticks onto wooden floors and provides a frictionless surface for furniture to slide across.

Other Kinds of Floor Protection for Moving

While the two kinds of moving floor protection are certainly useful, there are other kinds of materials that you could use to ensure the safety of your items. If you are first discovering how to protect carpet when moving, the most important consideration that you should take into account is purchasing furniture sliders. Furniture sliders are available at most home repair stores and discount department stores. They are designed to be placed under the legs or support of a piece of furniture to provide a barrier between the furniture and the flooring of a home. 

If you are moving on a budget, the best practice for protecting flooring and learning how to protect carpet when moving is to use plywood. Plywood creates a temporary barrier between the floor and furniture without compromising the integrity and structure of wooden or carpet flooring. 

More About USA Family Moving

USA Family Moving is a full-service moving company that is dedicated to helping families and people interested in moving to or from Minnesota or Georgia with our full selection of moving services. Our staff in Minnesota includes St. Paul movers, Plymouth, MN movers, and Duluth, MN movers. As for our Georgia movers, our staff includes movers in Marietta, GA, Kennesaw movers, Alpharetta moving help, and Atlanta movers, among many others. Contact us today to learn more. 


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