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Peak Moving Season – Summer Moving Tips

Summer is peak moving season. Most families schedule their residential moves during the summer, when the kids are at home and free from school. Summer is also when families can take days off from work to better organize their big move. Our Twin Cities movers are busy during the summer months helping all types of families move to their new homes. Here we compare the pros and cons of moving in the summer.

Pro: Ideal Weather

Summer may bring high temperatures, but those are ideal conditions for moving. Hot and dry weather typically mean no rain, which is good a good thing when movers are carrying your furniture and other belongings outside to their moving truck. Dampness can lead to mold which can lead to costly repairs. No rain also means no mud, a great perk of summer moving considering muddy shoes plus high foot traffic during a move equals a mess.

Con: Higher Moving Rates

Twin Cities movers are highly booked during peak moving season. This high demand for movers usually means they charge higher moving rates during the summer. From April to September (especially during the busiest months June, July, and August), movers are less willing to offer discounts of special offers. A summer move will likely cost more than a move during the fall or winter. Still, many families feel the investment is worth it.

Pro: Strong Real Estate Market

A summer move is particularly beneficial if you are planning to sell your old house before settling into your new one. Since more homebuyers are in the market during this season, homes listed during the summer tend to sell faster. This is an important benefit of summer moving and many families want to take advantage of.

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