Georgia is perhaps one of the most exciting places in the United States for people to start a professional life or family. Its wide collection of things to do, national parks, and great weather call the attention of many, but is it a good place to retire? The most important aspects of choosing a state to retire in have to do with the area’s weather, safe living conditions, and great healthcare. In the following article, USA Family Moving will offer some insight into the pros and cons of retiring in Georgia so you can see if the Peach State is right for you. Continue reading below to learn more from our Georgia movers. 

Should I Retire in Georgia? 

There are many pros and cons of retiring in Georgia. With a state in the South, like Georgia, that is popularly known as one of the best to retire, you may be curious as to what makes it such a good state. Some of the best places to live in Georgia for retirees are Cusseta, Cordele, Americus, Jesup, and Atlanta. Some of the pros of retiring in Georgia are listed below. 

Winters Are Mild

Retirees that come from other states will most likely want to choose a state with warm winters to call home. Warm winters are easier on the bones and the joints, which is a common ailment for people as they get older. Also, warm winters make it possible for retirees to enjoy hobbies that are usually conducted outdoors, like golf. The Peach State has plenty of golf courses for retirees to enjoy, and it is only possible to enjoy them if it is nice outside. 

Low Cost of Living

Retirees are also usually interested in living in places with low costs of living. Like most states in the South, Georgia boasts a low cost of living for its residents. This is important for retirees because they will likely be living on a pension instead of having a source of income stemming from a job. Also, most retirement pensions do not increase the amount of money that a retiree receives. This means your money needs to go a long way in the place where you retire. 

Affordable Housing

Some areas in Georgia are great for people that are looking for affordable housing. The average rent in Georgia is lower than the national average, at only $1,125 per month. When coupled with low property taxes, living in Georgia could be a no-brainer. 

While there are many advantages that come with retiring in Georgia, there is also a list of disadvantages. Some of the most pertinent disadvantages include the following.

Hot Summers

While the winters are generally mild, the summers can get extremely hot. The temperatures can become really high during these months. The heat translates to a need for constant air conditioning, which could result in higher electricity bills. Hot summers in Georgia are also accompanied by many mosquitoes and bugs, which can be incredibly annoying. 


Georgia is home to many big cities like Atlanta that experience bouts of awful traffic. Depending on the type of activities that you will be doing once you are retired, you could be sitting in a great deal of traffic. 

Poor Public Transportation

While the cost of living and housing taxes are relatively low, you will likely need to own a car. Owning a car is necessary because there are very limited options for public transportation, and you may find you need your own car to get around. 

How Is Retiring in Atlanta? 

Many of the same pros and cons of retiring in Georgia apply to its capital city. Retiring in Atlanta is a great option for those that want to experience an urban or cosmopolitan lifestyle while being retired. Atlanta is also home to various interesting sporting events that those who favor sports like football or basketball can enjoy since the city is home to the Falcons and the Hawks. 

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