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When the time comes to move to a new place in Minneapolis or St. Paul, you’ll have to consider two different options. Do you go the DIY route and move by yourself? Or do you hire professional movers from a Twin Cities moving company? Both DIY moving and professional full-service movers have their pros and cons. We talk about some of them below.

Pros and Cons of a DIY Move

Pro # 1: Affordability

Being able to save money is the top advantage of a DIY move. You will still have to invest in packing supplies and a moving truck rental, but those costs combined are often less expensive then purchasing a professional moving service package from a Twin Cities moving company.

Pro # 2: Full Control

DIY moving means you have total control over what belongings are packed and how they are packed and transported to your new home. You can choose which items need extra protection and which ones can be transported with minimal packaging.

Con # 1: Time-Consuming

A fully DIY move takes a lot of time to plan and execute. DIY movers aren’t likely to have the years of expertise to pull off a move in one or two days. So, you’ll end up taking a considerable amount of time off from your busy schedule.

Pros and Cons of Professional Twin Cities Full-Service Movers

Pro # 1: Zero Effort for Clients

Hiring professional movers means you won’t have to lift a finger when it comes to carrying and transporting your belongings. Our Twin Cities full-service movers even offer top quality packing services, so you won’t have to pack your stuff either.

Pro # 2: Efficiency

Our Twin Cities full-service movers have the expertise and experience to plan and execute your move within a couple of days. Our movers also have access to the best quality packing supplies and moving equipment which increases efficiency. At USA Family Moving, we even offer same day moving.

Con # 1: Financial Investment

The one downside of going to the professionals is the bigger financial investment. Packing and moving service packages plus moving insurance can result in a considerable bill. However, depending on your specific moving needs, the investment may be well worth it.

If you end up choosing to go with professional movers, you’ll need to find a Twin Cities moving company you can trust. Contact USA Family Moving to find out how we can help you move to Minneapolis or St. Paul efficiently and affordably.

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