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Did you know that a messy desk can affect how productive you are at the office? According to CNNMoney, the average person loses an hour a day due to disorganization. Those hours add up. With all the distractions in today’s modern workplace, don’t let your office be one of them. Our Minneapolis commercial movers have compiled our top tips to organize your office. Take it from the pros and keep your office clean.


De-Clutter your Office

The most important part in organizing your workspace is to get rid of stuff you don’t need. Things piling up on your desk? Supplies or items you haven’t touched in months? Broken items that you’ve been procrastinating on replacing? Go through each area of your workspace and clean it out. Throw things away, file them away or give them away.

Clean your desk

Now onto your desk. When is the last time you cleaned it off? Take off everything and give it a good clean. Then, be picky about what goes back on it. Only things that you use every day should be on your desk. Other items that you only use occasionally should go in a drawer or other storage space. For the items that go on your desk, make sure you organize them. Do you have a lot of papers? Get a paper tray or file organizer to take away all the piles. The key is to have some white space on your desk that you can have available for any papers you need to review, etc.


Limit personal distractions

It’s important not to go overboard with personal distractions on your desk, but make sure you have something nice to look at if you move your head or look around your office. A painting, photo, poster, etc. can do the trick, or a plant if there is room in your office.


Don’t go overboard with reminders

Our last tip is most important. Don’t go crazy with post-its or reminders. One or two post-its for important to-dos is fine, but if you have multiple post-its all over your desk, it defeats the purpose. Keep an organized list of to-dos on a notepad or a sheet of paper.


With these tips to organize your office, we hope you get your productivity levels higher than ever. You can always contact our Minneapolis commercial movers for more office organization tips or for commercial moving services.

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