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In a recent study conducted by personal finance and financial news website WalletHub, Minneapolis was named the 5th most caring city in America. This recognition certainly helps the city live up to its “Minnesota nice” reputation. The study pulled data from the 100 largest cities in America to identify the cities with the most compassionate residents as well as the most helpful public systems and community initiatives. Our movers in Minneapolis are proud to serve in this wonderful city and provide top-tier relocation services to its top-tier residents. Here’s why Minneapolis was chosen as one of WalletHub’s best cities when it comes to compassion and generosity.

What Characterizes The Most Caring Cities?

WalletHub analyzed 39 key factors when determining the country’s topmost generous cities. From the number of residents doing favors for neighbors to donations to charity and volunteer hours, all the way to child poverty rates, caring teachers, and a city’s social services workforce. All data points were grouped together into three different rankings.

  • “Caring for the Community” Rank
  • “Caring for the Vulnerable” Rank
  • “Caring in the Workforce” Rank

These rankings are from 1 to 100, 1 being the “most caring.” All 39 key factors are added up to create a total score. The higher the score, the more caring the city.

Why Minneapolis Is One of The Most Caring Cities

With a total score of 64.63, Minneapolis ranked high for both the “Caring for the Community” and “Caring for the Vulnerable” categories, 22 and 29 respectively.1 However, it was in the “Caring in the Workforce” category that the city scored the highest with a ranking of 2. This is due to Minneapolis having one of the highest number of residents working in the community and social services per capita. Minneapolis also had one of the highest percentages of the population doing favors for neighbors.

Friendly neighbors are just one of the many reasons to move to Minneapolis and make your home here. There are plenty of up and coming neighborhoods in Minneapolis perfect for families. And for millennials, check out the best places to live in Minneapolis for young professionals. Should you make that decision, our Twin Cities movers are here to provide you with a stress-free relocation. Contact us or call 612.286.0400 today for a FREE quote!



Adam McCann, WalletHub – 2019’s Most Caring Cities in America

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