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After a series of Minneapolis budget hearings, the city council approved a $1.6 billion budget for the coming year. As 2019 comes to a close, the approval of the City of Minneapolis 2020 budget will be one of the last, and definitely one of the largest, actions city officials will take this year.

The document underscores the priorities of the mayor and city council for 2020. Among the highlights included in the Minneapolis budget for 2020 are an investment in a full police cadet class and the largest property tax levy in a decade.

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The Largest Property Tax Levy in a Decade

Perhaps the biggest thing to come out of the Minneapolis budget hearings and the approved budget is the introduction of the largest property tax levy increase Minneapolis residents have seen in a decade. This property tax levy increase of 6.95% is intended to fund Mayor Jacob Frey and the city council’s new plans and initiatives.1 This tax hike will affect lower-income communities the most, with property taxes expected to rise over 20%.2

A Full Police Cadet Class

As part of the budget, city lawmakers agreed to increase funding to the city’s police department. This $2.4 million investment will specifically go toward the hiring and training of 38 new cadets.3 This budget proposal was the most contentious topic during the public Minneapolis budget hearings. While some residents and community groups argued a bigger police force would not help the city’s overall violence prevention goals, other residents and business owners believed this would help support public safety

“One of the things that I heard a lot from my constituents was a desire for a balanced approach. We need to invest … in a way that reflects our values and that takes advantage of the opportunities to stop crimes from ever getting to the place where they happen, as well as being prepared to respond to things that do go wrong.” – Council Member Steve Fletcher 3

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