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The fact that winters in Minneapolis are cold and long-lasting is common knowledge. Long-time residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods know how important it is to winterize your house. In the face of an upcoming harsh Minnesota winter, winterizing your home might seem like an overwhelming task. If you follow these four easy steps, you’ll achieve a winter-proof house in a relatively short amount of time.


Gather Equipment and Supplies

Before the snow starts falling and before the snowstorms pop up, you should buy the winter equipment you will need such as a snow shovel, ice scrapper, and snow brush. A shovel ensures your home’s entrances and walkways stay clear of snow. You should also stock up on bottled water, canned goods, and other nonperishable foods should you get snowed in by a blizzard. If you have a fireplace, make sure you purchase firewood.


Clear Out Gutters and Water Pipes

Pipes exposed to the cold temperatures are at risk of freezing and getting damaged. Avoid a burst pipe or broken gutter by clearing your home’s gutters, downspouts, and outside pipes of all debris and liquid. Disconnect hoses from your outdoor faucets and turn off the water supply. If you have a pool, you will have to blow out the water from your pool pipes. It might be best to have professionals winterize and cover your pool.


Insulate Doors and Windows

Continue to winterize your house by inspecting the walls, doors, windows, attic, and basement to make sure they are adequately insulated. Identify any weak spots and openings where cold air can come in and warm air can escape. Add caulking or apply weather-stripping around any problem areas. You may even need to add additional insulation around electrical outlets and switch-plates. Close any vents opened during the warmer months.


Prepare All Heating Systems

At the start of the winter season, or even during the fall months, have your furnace inspected and serviced by a professional heating expert. Replace the filter of the furnace and perform a test run of your electrical heating system to ensure it is working properly. If you have a fireplace or woodstove, clean them out before it starts getting cold. Clean your chimneys and, if needed, have a roofing contractor inspect your roof for damaged shingles and loose gutters.


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