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USA Family Moving is exempt by the Minnesota “Stay at Home” Order issued by Governor Tim Walz.1 Since we are a Minneapolis moving company, we have been deemed an essential business and can continue helping residents and businesses move during quarantine. Our Minneapolis full-service movers remain committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring stress-free moves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Move Safely During COVID-19

Tips On Safely Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In addition to our Minneapolis local movers following COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure safe moving during the coronavirus pandemic, there are a few things you can do to move safely. There are steps you can take to prepare yourself and your family for an upcoming move. Follow these tips to safely move during COVID-19.


1. Talk To Your Movers About Safety

If you are scheduling a new move, it is best to ask potential professional movers if they are still accepting reservations during COVID-19. If so, find out what they are doing to keep customers safe. Whether you are booking a new move with your moving company or already have a moving date scheduled, it’s never too late to ask your Minneapolis residential movers about the specific safety measures they are following. Ask if they need anything from you before move-out to best keep you, your family, your belongings, and their moving crews safe.


2. Use New Packing Materials

While using old and recycled moving boxes and packing materials is a great way to save money, we don’t recommend using them when moving during the coronavirus pandemic. Minimize your exposure to potentially infected materials by using packing materials already in your home or ordering brand new boxes and supplies. Once delivered, either disinfect new boxes and other supplies with a disinfecting spray or quarantine them in an empty room or garage for at least two days. To cut costs, use luggage and other bags you already own as an alternative to boxes for lighter weight items.


3. Pack What You Can By Yourself

To minimize the contact movers, have with your belongings, you can pack some items by yourself. Put things that are easy to pack like clothes, linens, and kitchen utensils into boxes before your movers arrive. We also recommend you take care of fragile items and transport valuables in your personal vehicle. Getting as many items into moving boxes and in one place on your own reduces the amount of time movers will have to spend in your home.


4. Buy Sanitizing Products and Wash Your Hands

Regularly washing your hands and disinfecting surfaces is an effective way to stop the spread of the coronavirus and keep yourself safe. When preparing for your upcoming move, purchase sanitizing products and keep them in a separate container of essentials. Keep hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, antibacterial hand soap, sanitizing spray, and even a bleach-water mixture on hand for yourself and your movers. Also, make sure you and your family are wearing face masks and latex gloves during the entire moving process. Plastic face shields are optional but recommended.


5. Do Not Move If You Are Sick

If you are feeling unwell or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, you should consider postponing your move. When canceling your move-out date, communicate the reasons why to your Minneapolis or St. Paul movers. If you are not able to postpone your relocation for whatever reason, it is best for you not to get involved and instead have a healthy family member or friend oversee the process. At USA Family Moving, we encourage sick customers to postpone. Even with the proper protective equipment and social distancing, you can still put your family and your movers at risk.

All our moving crews have been trained to take COVID-19 safety precautions and prevention measures when completing a job. Rest easy knowing our Twin Cities movers are following Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to keep our customers safe. Contact us or call 612.286.0400 to book your next move!



  1. State of Minnesota Executive Department – Emergency Executive Order 20-20 Directing Minnesotans to Stay at Home

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