One thing that often results in frustration is moving from one home to another. If there is one set of items in someone’s home that, upon first glance, they would not be afraid of breaking, it is pots and pans. This is because pots and pans are some of the most durable items in a home. However, as sturdy as they are, moving them to a different home may be more difficult than you imagined. Do you need help learning how to pack pots and pans?

USA Family Moving and our experienced Georgia movers are here to help you and your family. We provide some of the best ways to confront your upcoming move. To learn more from our movers in Marietta, GA, about packing and moving pots and pans, continue reading below. 

How to Pack Your Kitchen for Moving

When packing your kitchen for moving, it is important to realize that you need to develop a plan that expertly addresses all items in your kitchen. Most kitchens have more items than just pots and pans. This is why you need a plan addressing the best way to pack each item in your kitchen.

For example, you will need to learn how to move a fridge. This is inherently different from packing items like pots and pans. Our movers recommend that you pack and move more encumbering items in your kitchen, like refrigerators and dishwashers, before you move to smaller items, like pots and pans. This ensures you complete more difficult parts of your move before addressing the lighter and less bulky items.

To pack your kitchen for moving, you will need the right materials. This can include furniture dollies, moving boxes, and moving blankets for heavier items. After securing these items, you will use different techniques for the various items inside your kitchen. Some techniques are detailed below. 

How to Pack Kitchen Utensils

To pack kitchen utensils, you will need packing paper and towels. After getting these items:

  1. Wrap every individual kitchen utensil in wrapping paper.
  2. After wrapping the items in wrapping paper, get a towel and wrap it around the paper-wrapped kitchen utensils.
  3. Secure the towel with a rubber band to complete the process, and finish by placing them inside a box. 

Are you in the market to learn how to pack pots and pans together with your utensils? Our Georgia home movers recommend that you place the wrapped utensils inside the pots and pans and later wrap them in moving blankets before placing them inside moving boxes.  

How to Pack Your Pantry

Pantries are the place where families keep items that are essential to their homes, like certain spices and food items. Packing a pantry is very similar to packing utensils and other kitchen items because many items in the pantry are loose and often they are very small. To pack these items, you should get an appropriately sized moving box. Place all of the items from the pantry into the box so that they fit snugly. After doing this, pack the box with packing paper for added protection.

If you are wondering how to pack spices, follow the above-mentioned steps. However, you’ll need to also add some materials to soak up the humidity and ensure the spices do not spoil.  

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