One of the aspects of our moving company that differentiates us from other movers is the fact that we have plenty of experience working with different kinds of homes and businesses. This experience has translated into our professionals being able to move heavy items like pianos and clocks to different locations using proven methods and high-quality equipment. One of the most popular items that we deal with is pianos. Pianos are both delicate and heavy, which represents a dilemma for people that will be moving soon. If you are interested in learning how to move a piano, USA Family Moving is here to help. Continue reading below to learn more. 

How to Move a Piano in a Pickup Truck

If you are going to be moving a piano without the help of professional movers, such as our Minnesota movers and Georgia movers, you are going to need a pickup truck or cargo van. Vehicles like these provide the most support and space for people moving bulky items because these vehicles also come with support hatches and places to strap support.

The first step is to measure the piano and make sure that it can fit into your vehicle. Using a tape measure should be enough for this step. After making sure that the dimensions check out, it is important to gather all of your supplies. The most popular supplies needed to move a piano are moving blankets, dollies, lifting straps, tie-down straps, packing tape, and work gloves.

Our Minneapolis moving help recommends that you cover the piano with a moving blanket and wrap it with packing tape to ensure that it stays on during transit. As for the parts of the piano, like the pedals and keyboard, since these are the most delicate parts of the piano, you should cover them with the cover that the manufacturer recommends or with packing tape and other padding materials.

After packing it and making sure that it is ready for transit, you should load it onto a dolly. This is best done by recruiting the assistance of a friend and carefully lifting and placing it on the dolly. Our Bloomington, MN, movers also recommend that you place the piano towards the back of the truck since this is where it will be the safest. 

How to Move a Piano Across the Room 

Moving a piano across a room is much easier than loading it onto a pickup truck. To do this, all that you will need to do is slide it across the home with the help of furniture sliders or cardboard boxes. This ensures that your floor is protected from scratches and other forms of damage. The same steps could be taken by people that are wondering how to move a piano downstairs since sliders make relocating a piano downstairs easier. 

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