For many people that are moving to different homes, they are concerned about the best way to move a gun safe. Gun safes are popular items in a home because they provide a safe area for firearms and also ensure the safety of a home and its inhabitants. As one of the most experienced Minnesota movers and Georgia movers on the market, USA Family Moving is here to give you some important details on how to move a gun safe. If you think this article applies to you or your family, continue reading below to learn more. 

How to Move a Large Gun Safe

Moving a large gun safe is much more complicated than moving a small one. The larger size translates to a heavier weight and more awkwardly sized object to move. When it comes to moving items like these, the most important thing to keep in mind is the fact that you will require some special materials to effectively move these items. These include moving blankets, dollies, and loading straps.

Once you have secured all of these items, it will be necessary for you to wrap the safe in the moving blankets. Wrapping the safe not only ensures that your safe will not be damaged but also makes sure that the safe does not damage other items inside of the moving truck. Our Minneapolis moving help recommends that you wrap the moving blankets around the gun safe after removing all of the firearms from the safe and placing them elsewhere. To secure the moving blankets around the safe, you will need to secure the blankets with tape so that it does not fall off. 

After this step, our Bloomington, MN, movers recommend that you get help to put your safe on a dolly. The dolly should be used in conjunction with a ramp to effectively load the safe onto a moving truck. For those that are wondering how to move a gun safe in a pickup truck, the next step involves getting holding straps so that you can strap the safe into a pickup truck. Most pickup trucks have the capability to move these heavy items, meaning that there is no reason to rent a heavier-duty vehicle if you have a standard one. 

How to Move a Heavy Gun Safe

Moving a heavy gun safe is very similar to the steps mentioned above. However, heavier gun safes could be dangerous to floors. Our Plymouth moving company recommends that you use sliders and floor protectors to make sure that your floor is not compromised. By using furniture sliders or pieces of cardboard, your family can rest easy knowing that your floor will not be damaged. This is also something to keep in mind if you are curious about how to move a gun safe downstairs. 

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