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People who have pets like fish or other reptiles that require tanks will often face a dilemma in their upcoming move. Fish tanks are delicate and, depending on the kind of creatures that it houses, could be hard to replace. This means that the timely and safe transportation of it to your new home is a primary concern for our Minnesota movers and Georgia movers. If you are wondering how to move a fish tank, USA Family Moving is here to help. Continue reading below to learn more from our Minneapolis moving help and the rest of our experts. 

How to Move a Large Fish Tank by Yourself

As with every other item that is delicate or large, the most important step is preparation. Since your fish tank most likely houses fish in it, the first logical step would be to remove the fish from the fish tank and place them in a separate location. This could easily be done with a fish net. Since the water used in a fish tank is specially curated for marine life, it is important to siphon the water inside of it and place it in a separate bucket to later be transported to your new home. Check with your pet store to find out if you need to use a portable oxygen aerator while your marine life is in transit.

After removing the fish and the water from the fish tank, it will be necessary to get all of the packing supplies that you need and prepare the fish tank for transport. You will need to gather packing paper and other packing material like packing peanuts. After filling the tank with the packing materials, you should place it in a box and fill the rest of the space with packing materials. After doing this, it is necessary to make sure that you pack it in the back of the moving truck because this is perhaps the safest position for your fish tank. Upon arrival in your new home, be sure to inspect for any cracks and replace the water and reintroduce the fish into your fish tank. 

How to Move a Fish Tank a Short Distance 

Moving a fish tank a short distance is much simpler than moving it across town. As one of the top Alpharetta moving companies, USA Family Moving is here to make sure that you understand how to do this. To move a fish tank a shorter distance, you should make sure to follow the same steps but perhaps give less emphasis on high-quality packing materials. It will not be necessary to empty the fish tank to move the fish tank a short distance.  

When it comes to learning how to move a fish tank without emptying it, keep in mind that you will need the assistance of plywood to lift the tank while you move it to another location. 

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