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Uprooting your home life and moving to a new neighborhood can be trying time for a lot of kids. Moving to a new neighborhood means leaving your old neighbors, classmates, and friends. It’s a stressful time for most adults – imagine what it’s like for a child. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can help your kids cope with moving anxiety and get settled into their new neighborhood. Before you complete your move to St. Paul, make sure you have a plan to help your kids settle into their new home.


Tell Your Child About the Move

Open communication is very important. Make sure to tell your children about your upcoming relocation well in advance. Take some time to hold a family meeting and go over the steps and details of your moving plan. Answer any questions your kids might have about the move as well as your new home. Keeping your kids in the know early on allows them ample time to process the news and plan any necessary goodbyes to friends and loved ones.


Explore Before and After Moving

Another way to minimize your children’s moving anxiety is to familiarize them to their new neighborhood. If you can, visit your new neighborhood before you move out. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors and check out the local community area like the local playground. If it’s possible, visit their new school and have them meet with the teachers who will be instructing them. Continue exploring your new neighborhood and the surrounding areas right after you move in. Be on the lookout for neighbors with children the same age as yours – they could be potential buddies!


Move During the Summer

If it’s possible, schedule your move during the summer, when school is out. This will allow your children’s transition to their new school to be much less stressful. It’s easier for kids to enter a social group and make new friends at the start of the school year when introductions are less awkward. If you move in the middle of summer, your children can start hanging out with other kids in more relaxed setting like the playground before they start meeting up in class.


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