Moving companies come in many shapes and sizes. They often differ between the kinds of services that they offer, but one of the clearest distinctions to be made between different moving companies is the difference between a full-service moving company and a labor-only moving service.

Labor-only moving services are attractive because of their lower cost, but full-service moving companies are typically more sought after because of the diversity of services that they offer, including commercial moving services, emergency moving services, and even other ancillary services like packing and storage services. These are much more attractive offerings for movers because people who are moving may need assistance with these efforts as well. Below, our Alpharetta moving and storage company goes into further detail about the difference between the two.

Full-Service Moving Companies vs. Labor-Only Moving Services

A labor-only moving service will solely focus on getting your items from one point to another. This means that someone that is relocating is responsible for packing and disassembly of any of their furniture and other cumbersome items. Also, sometimes unfavorable weather conditions during long-distance moves can require that your move be stopped or have special attention placed on it. USA Family recommends contracting full-service long-distance moving companies so that you can avoid any headaches that could arise from a long move. This could present a hassle as some people might need the assistance of moving and storage companies to do this type of heavy lifting. 

On the other hand, moving and storage companies provide much more professional moving labor. Often, people are too busy to handle the details of a move, as responsibilities can quickly pile up. Professional moving labor often encompasses such things as storage and warehousing that take time to contract. On top of this, hiring a labor-only moving service could sound enticing at first, given its lower cost, but additional expenses are accrued when you consider how much moving and warehousing cost.  Instead, packing and moving companies that offer full-service packages allow you to trust everything involved in a move, from beginning to end. 

As one of the top full-service moving companies in Georgia, USA Family provides unmatched Alpharetta moving services thanks to assistance from our Alpharetta local movers. If you need assistance with your move, whether in Alpharetta or anywhere else in Georgia, do not hesitate to contact or call our Alpharetta movers and packers at (770) 599-7075.   

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