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After weeks of heavy snow and a weather forecast full of thunderstorms, the Twin Cities area is under a flood watch.1 A combination of melting snow, continuing rain fall, and blocked storm drains may lead to flooded streets and even basement flooding, which has led the National Weather Service to issue a warning to residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

At USA Family Moving & Storage, our team is praying that no one is seriously affected by the potential flooding. Still, the area is not unfamiliar with flooding as residents take it into their own hands to fight flooding by shoveling snow off blocked storm drains.2

When it does flood, you may need the help of a pack-out company. Luckily, our Twin Cities moving company offers emergency moving services for when it floods, which includes flood pack-outs. Here’s what you can expect from our pack-out services for flooding.


Everything Safe and Dry After 24 Hours

A pack-out is needed in a situation that requires household belongings and personal property contents be removed from a home so that any necessary repairs and restoration can be completed. Before your restoration professionals can start working on drying, cleaning, and then fixing your home after a flood, emergency movers in Minneapolis or St. Paul need to come in and deliver a quick and efficient flood pack-out.

If you take advantage of our emergency moving services for when it floods, our same-day movers in Minneapolis and St. Paul can get the job done within 24 hours! We’ll have all salvageable things packed up and ready to be transferred into your new temporary place or into storage. Working closely with restoration professionals, our Minneapolis local movers will make sure to be there once you are ready to move back in.


Storage Needs Taken Care Of

Often times, not all your stuff will fit into your temporary accommodations. In those cases, you’ll need to store away some of your items while your flood-damaged home is being repaired. Fortunately, our residential movers also offer short-term and long-term storage solutions at our climate controlled warehouse in Minneapolis. USA Family Moving & Storage has all your needs covered.

Contact us or call 612.286.0400 to learn more about our affordable emergency moving services and get your free quote today!



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