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No one enjoys packing. It takes up a lot time and it can be stressful to pack your entire home into boxes. Our Minneapolis full-service movers have become expert packers over the years. From tricky to pack items like mirrors, pianos and valuable antiques to packing your entire home, our Minneapolis packing services have seen it all. That makes us a trusted resource when it comes to packing tips and advice. Our team of expert Twin Cities movers have put together a list of easy ways to categorize your items while you are packing.


Categorize by Room

This is the most common way to pack. Take on each room of your home and pack everything in it. This way allows you to pack the least used rooms first and work your way to the most important, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. This also ensures that when you are labeling your boxes you can label everything by room and replace your items to the right room in your new home easily. While this method is common and works fine for some, others may find that they can’t choose what room to start with. In that case, another packing method would be more beneficial.


Categorize by Item

Instead of focusing on specific rooms to pack, focus on items. For example, pack all your decorations up before you start on the items you use every day. If you have a lot of books, get those packed. Then move on to clothes. Then pots and pans. See where we are going here? This way you can pack everything in the same boxes and keep similar items together. Labeling isn’t too tough this way either- simply label the boxes with what’s in them (ie: decorations, books, etc.).


No matter what way you decide to categorize your packing process, your first step should be to declutter and clean out your home. Less stuff means less time packing and less money spent moving your stuff. Need more packing tips? Call our Minneapolis full-service movers– with our packing experience we can help you through any packing problem.

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