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Moving Boxes – Sizes and Types

Nothing is more synonymous with moving than brown cardboard boxes. Whether you recycle used boxes or purchase new packing supplies, boxes are necessary for every type of move. Moving boxes typically come in three sizes, but there is also a lot of specialty boxes reserved for unique household belongings. Below is a simple guide created by our Minneapolis full-service movers explaining the different types of moving boxes.

Small Boxes

Also known as a “book box,” small boxes are typically 1.5 cubic feet. Our Minneapolis full-service movers recommend using small boxes for heavier things like books, small appliances, shoes, canned goods, etc. Using smaller boxes for heavier things is more convenient and helps you avoid getting injured.

Medium Boxes

Also known as an “all-purpose box,” medium boxes are typically 3 cubic feet. Use medium boxes to back things that are bulkier, but less heavy than what goes in a small box. So, items like pots and pans, kitchen utensils, toys, lamps, décor accessories, etc.

Large Boxes

Large boxes are typically 4.5 cubic feet and should be reserved for bulky, but lightweight household goods like pillows, blankets, bedding, and clothing. Packing only lightweight items into larger boxes ensure you or your Minneapolis full-service movers won’t get injured when lifting and loading them.

Specialty Boxes

Dish Packs & Glass Packs

These specialty boxes are used specifically for dishware and glassware. They come with cardboard compartment inserts and cell dividers to ensure your delicate glass and ceramic items stay secure during your move. Dish packs allow your dishes to be packed vertically, which is the safest position to be in. Some moving boxes are a combination of a dish pack and glass pack.

Wardrobe Boxes

If you have a hanging closet and would rather not have to take your clothes off their hangers and fold them, wardrobe boxes are the way to go. These tall rectangular boxes feature a metal rod and side opening. You can remove your clothes off your closet rack and hang them inside these wardrobe boxes. Clothes stay wrinkle free!

Our Minneapolis full-service movers use these types of moving boxes and other high-quality packing supplies for all our clients. To find out more about our moving and packing services, call USA Family Moving today.

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