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Storage Tips & Tricks – Back to School Organizing

It’s back to school time for most students. For a lot of college students, that means returning to their small dorm rooms or off-campus apartments. Regardless of what kind of student you are, our expert full-service movers share some helpful storage tips and ideas to take advantage of our Minneapolis storage services and stay organized throughout the school year.


1. Minimize Your Stuff

The first step is to sort out your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer want, use, or need. Paring down on possessions is beneficial for students who plan to stay at home during the school year. You’re essentially decluttering your space, which is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. If you are moving or returning to a dorm, clearing out your stuff is especially helpful. Dorm room are typically tiny, making any space that much more valuable. Don’t waste it with non-essentials.


2. Bring Only What You Need

This tip is specifically for college students that will move out of their family homes and reside in a dorm or off-campus apartment while attending university. Since these residences are usually very small, it’s best to only bring the essentials for that season. So, you can bring your bulky winter jackets and clothes to your dorm for the Fall semester but leave them in your storage unit during the Spring and Summer semesters. Another idea – only keep your sports equipment in your dorm during the season, take advantage of our Minneapolis storage services and put them away during off-season.


3. Buy School Supplies in Bulk

As the school year or semester passes by, you’ll quickly use up your notebooks, papers, pencils, staples and other school supplies. Instead of having to go to an office supply store every time you run out, buy school supplies in bulk. Take advantage of all the back-to-school sales this month and buy a bunch of supplies at reduced prices. Put everything into a large clear plastic container and keep it under your bed. Whenever you run out of paper or paper clips, all you need to do is pull out the container and take what you need.


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