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What Is Included in Corporate Relocation Packages?

Imagine this – your company has promoted you or you’ve been hired for a job, but your new position is in another state. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, the cost of a long-distance move may come in the way of you and your dream job. Fortunately, many companies offer corporate relocation packages to cover the cost of moving.

Your employer has found you to be a valuable employee and is willing to invest to ensure you are where you need to be! Our team at USA Family Moving has put together a breakdown of typical corporate relocation packages.

There are a variety of relocation package options your employer could offer you. Each option comes with its own set of financial assistance, reimbursements, and other conditions. Our St. Paul – Minneapolis moving company breaks down what to expect from a corporate relocation package and offers some tips to negotiate for one that is right for you.


Typical Corporate Relocation Packages

Relocation packages typically come in one of four forms – lump sum, reimbursement, direct billing, or third-party relocation.


  • Lump sum – Your company will provide you with a pre-negotiated, one-time payment. You have the freedom to spend this set amount of money however you’d like to fund your relocation to a new state and city. Be reasonable, because once you use up this payment, you’ll have to pay the rest of your moving expenses by yourself.


  • Reimbursement – Your company agrees to pay you back for some or all your moving-related expenses. The maximum reimbursement amount will be agreed upon in advance of your relocation. Be diligent about keeping your receipts, you’ll use them as proof when collecting your reimbursement.


  • Direct billing – If your employer chooses the St. Paul – Minneapolis movers and moving services you’ll be using for your relocation, they’ll typically pay all or some of your expenses directly. This type of relocation package can be combined with lump sum payments or reimbursements for other moving-related expenses. So instead of paying the bill yourself, your company will pay your Minneapolis commercial movers directly.


  • Third-party relocation – This arrangement sees your employer outsourcing their employee relocation to a relocation services broker. This contracted broker will then provide management and coordination for all needed moving and moving-related services.


What Is Included In Corporate Relocation Packages?

In many cases, corporate relocation packages don’t just cover the costs your professional Twin Cities movers charge you for packing and transportation services. Depending on your family or housing situation, you may need additional assistance when it comes time for your move. Assistance either your company may provide or you may need to negotiate for.


  • Moving Assistance – At the very least, a typical corporate relocation package will cover your moving expenses. This can include the cost of hiring professional movers or completing a move yourself.


      • Moving Truck Rental – If you are moving by yourself, many corporate relocation packages will cover the cost of a moving truck rental and other moving-related expenses such as boxes, tape, and other packing supplies.
      • Full Pack & Unpack – This fully covers the cost of hiring full-service movers who will pack up your household items, transport them to your new home, and unpack your boxes.
      • Storage Unit Rental ­– Employers may pay for the cost of renting a storage unit should you need to store some of your stuff when getting settled into your new home.


  • Family Relocation Assistance – Employees often move with family members. An employer may cover the costing of relocating your spouse, children, or elderly parents to a new home.


      • Childcare & Eldercare – A relocation package may cover expenses related to caring for your children and senior citizen family members. A list of day care providers, nursing homes, and/or elderly care centers will be provided along with possible reimbursement options.
      • Spousal Support ­– If your spouse must quit their old job to move with you, your employer may provide spousal support to help them in their job search to find a new position.


  • Transportation Assistance – Employers often cover travel expenses associated with a job relocation. This can include the trip getting to your new home or preliminary trips to the new location.


      • Airfare & Ground Transportation – If you need to travel on a plane, train, or car to get to your new place, your employer will reimburse you for transportation and lodging expenses.
      • Orientation or House-Finding Trip – If you travel to the new location before you move to familiarize yourself with the area and look for a home, some companies will cover the associated cost of transportation and lodging.


  • Housing Assistance – This will cover many of the expenses related to selling or breaking the lease of your current home and investing in a new one. There are many other housing assistance options your employer could end up reimbursing you for.


      • Homes Sale & Home Buying Services – Your employer will pay for any closing costs, sale commissions, mortgage points buy down, and other fees related to selling and buying a home.
      • Temporary Housing – Your company may also pay for any lodging or temporary housing should you need to stay at a hotel or a temporary house soon after your move.
      • Lease Break Coverage – Should you need to break the lease of your current rental home in order to relocate, your company may pay the resulting fees and penalties.
What Do Corporate Relocation Packages Include Infographic

Job Relocation Package Negotiation

To negotiate for a corporate relocation package that best suits your needs, you first must find out what your company plans to offer you. Then you must research typical moving costs and other moving-related expenses. After collecting all this necessary information, you can negotiate for conditions that are more beneficial for you. Remember that your company’s primary focus is profit, so stress the benefits of investing in your move when negotiating your relocation package.


USA Family Moving serves families and businesses in and around the St. Paul – Minneapolis area and beyond. Whether you are an employer investing in employee relocation or you are an employee that needs to move for your dream job, contact our full-service movers to learn how we can make your moving experience stress-free. Trust us to execute any commercial or corporate move seamlessly!

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