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As Halloween approaches, our Minneapolis movers thought it would be a good idea to think about what scenarios frighten us the most and there were a few moving nightmares that immediately came to mind. After our Minneapolis full-service movers have helped countless families move to homes in and around the Twin Cities, we know a thing or two about moving fails that cause the greatest headaches and anxiety. If you are planning to move this All Hallows’ Eve, we’ve created this nifty guide on some of the most common relocation nightmares and ways to keep them from coming true.


Dealing With Unlabeled Moving Boxes When Unpacking

The Nightmare: You arrive at your new home with all your items delivered. You start the unpacking process only to be met with a bunch of brown cardboard moving boxes and no idea of what’s inside which. You can’t move the boxes into the room where it belongs because you don’t know if the items stored inside belong there. Instead, you’ll have to open each box, one by one, in the living room, and see what’s inside. Once you know that, you tape up the box again and then carry it to its proper room.

How to Avoid This: After you’ve packed up one moving box, make an inventory of what’s inside and make note of the general location where those items will belong in your new home. Make sure to write this information onto all sides of the box.


Floors Getting Dirty and Scratched When Moving Out

The Nightmare: After either you and friends or your movers have finished loading all your stuff into the moving truck, you notice your floors are covered in dirt and mud. Maybe the damage is even worse because all the furniture hauling involved in a move can lead to dents and scratches on your floors. You’ll have to clean up the mess and fix the damage which could delay your moving out process or even the sale of your old home.

How to Avoid This:  Protect your floors from dirt and grime by setting out carpets or thick blankets around your front door entrance, or wherever your movers will be going in and out of your home. Movers can wipe their shoes before stepping into your place. To protect your floor from scratches, lay down floor protection paper or tape in the high-traffic areas of your home.


You Arrive at Your New Home And Its Dusty All Over

The Nightmare: Imagine you have arrived at your new home with all your belonging in tow. You are ready to start unpacking and making your new place feel more like home. But then you look around and see dusty surfaces and floors dotted with dust bunnies. While it is common courtesy for previous tenants to clean their homes when moving out, not all people uphold that standard. You’ll have to wipe down the entire place before you can start opening your boxes. Worst case relocation nightmare: you don’t even have any cleaning supplies.

How to Avoid This: If it is at all possible, visit your new home before your moving day. See if it needs tidying up and have it cleaned if necessary. That way, once you arrive with your stuff, you don’t have to wait before unpacking your boxes. If that isn’t possible, be sure to buy some basic cleaning products like an all-purpose cleaner, paper towels, a mop and bring your own vacuum. Pack all these things in your personal vehicle so they are easily accessible should you need them.


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