Atlanta is a popular place to live because of the multitude of activities there are for adults and children alike. Along with this, the capital of the Peach State offers plenty of economic opportunities for people that are looking to advance their careers or start a new life in a different city. While there are plenty of resources about this available online, there are no better resources than those offered by our Atlanta local movers. If you are from a different region in the United States or do not know what living in this city is like, our Georgia movers are here to offer some tips. So, what is living in Atlanta like? USA Family Moving and our expert movers take a deeper look in the following article. 

What Is Nightlife in Atlanta Like? 

For young professionals or those looking to break into the social scene, Atlanta offers plenty of exciting nightlife options. The good news is that this city can offer sustainable nightlife year-round because of the mild winters and pleasant fall and spring seasons. Along with the pleasant year-round weather, Atlanta also boasts many famous nightclubs and bars that you can frequent if you plan on having a night out. If you are a young professional that is new to the city and looking to meet new people, a night out in Atlanta is one of the best options for you. In fact,  Atlanta has one of the largest millennial populations in the United States, with about a quarter of Atlanta’s population being millennials. When coupled with the vibrant nightlife in the city, Atlanta is an exciting place for young professionals or millennials to call home. 

Family Activities in Atlanta

While Georgia’s capital city is certainly a great place to live for young professionals, it is also an excellent place to raise and start a family. Atlanta has many different suburbs with great schools and community events that cater to families with children. Living in Atlanta gives a nice balance of outdoor and indoor activities for families to take advantage of. One of the top family activities in Atlanta is taking a bike ride or stroll along the Atlanta BeltLine. The Atlanta BeltLine is a 22-mile-long loop or trail that cuts right through downtown Atlanta. The trail is adorned with different green areas or parks that give bikers or joggers a nice place to relax when they get tired of setting up a picnic, should that be the plan. This is an excellent family activity because it allows families to spend quality time with each other outdoors. Another benefit of the BeltLine is the fact that different restaurants and bars are there for you to check out should you need refreshments or want to add a cherry on top to your outing in downtown Atlanta. Aside from activities like this one, there are many more events for kids in Atlanta. Some of our Atlanta mover’s favorites are watching an Atlanta Braves game, visiting the Georgia Aquarium, and visiting the world of Coca-Cola. 

Outdoor Activities in Atlanta

For those that are interested in enjoying the great outdoors in Atlanta or living in Atlanta, there are many activities and places for you to check out. One of the most exciting activities that our Georgia movers recommend that you check out are visiting the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Centennial Olympic Park. 

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is located inside Piedmont Park and boasts 30 acres of beautiful gardens. This is an excellent place to spend a beautiful Summer evening or Fall afternoon. The Botanical Garden even has spaces for special events and blooms during seasonal activities and special events. 

Centennial Olympic Park is a great park to check out for sports fans because it pays homage to the Olympics that Atlanta hosted. There are even picnics and green spaces with great views. 

More About USA Family Moving and Our Movers in Atlanta

It is no secret that Atlanta is an amazing city to live in. In fact, Atlanta was chosen as one of the top places to live by Money.com, citing its burgeoning job market and educational opportunities. Plus, one of the best reasons to consider Atlanta is the fact that there are many blends of cultures in the city.

Interested in living in Atlanta? We are a full-service moving company that is dedicated to helping our customers with all of their moving needs. We make sure to help our customers, thanks to our Woodstock, GA movers, Atlanta movers, Georgia packing services, and Marietta moving services. Contact us today to learn more about what makes us one of the top Alpharetta moving companies and Cumming, GA moving companies. 

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