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Winter months in the Midwest are long, cold, and often harsh. Most people will stay indoors in the cozy and warm refuge of their homes. With strong, chilling winds, heavy snow fall, and icy roads common during winters in Minnesota, moving in the winter can be difficult if you do it by yourself. That’s why it’s important to move safely in winter weather. Hiring Minneapolis local movers that are familiar with area and used to these cold weather conditions is one of your best options.

At our Minneapolis moving company, our moving crews have helped hundreds of individuals and families complete winter moves in the Twin Cities region and all over the state. Whether you hire professional Minneapolis movers or St. Paul movers, or you decide on the DIY route when moving in winter, check out these helpful winter moving tips regarding what to wear in Minneapolis winter.

Minnesota Winter Essentials ­– Cover Up to Stay Warm

  • Winter Coat – Go with a waterproof parka or down coat that reaches mid-thigh or lower. Invest in a coat with proper insulation; a fur or faux-lined hood and a few pockets are also great features to have.
  • Cozy Sweater – There should be a warm sweater underneath your coat; opt for an oversize and chunky-knit one. Wool and cashmere knits are ideal.
  • Long Underwear – Before you put on your pants or jeans, have on some warm tights or long underwear. These are for particularly frigid days.
  • Wool Socks – Keep your toes extra toasty by putting on a comfortable pair of wool socks.
  • Gloves – Protect your hands from the below-freezing temperatures with a pair of leather or knit gloves. Use gloves instead of mitten when moving in the winter, because it’s easier to hold onto things when your fingers are free to move around. Invest in touchscreen gloves so you can use your phone without constantly having to take off your gloves.
  • Beanie – Of course, you should protect your head and face from the cold as well. Thick knit beanies are usually good enough, but fur-lined trapper hats with ear flaps are also a great option.
  • Big Scarf – Large scarves are some of the best multi-purpose Minnesota winter essentials. You can wrap it around your neck, shoulders, and even your face to protect yourself form the elements.

Shoes to Wear in Minnesota Winters

Avoid getting wet or falling on slippery ice and snow by putting on a sturdy pair of waterproof winter boats with anti-skid soles. Don’t skimp out on comfort, fur or faux-fur-lined boots add just the right snug and luxurious touch.

If you are planning on moving in winter, contact our Minneapolis winter moving experts at USA Family Moving today. Start your safe and worry-free moving experience with us by calling (612) 286-0400 for a free moving quote.


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