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The Twin Cities area is known for its long winters and the harsh weather conditions that typically occur during these cold weather months. Below freezing temperatures, heavy snow fall, rough winds, icy roads, and the occasional snow storm are just some of things residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul have to deal with.

If you are planning on moving in January, February, or any other winter month – we recommend hiring professional Minneapolis movers. At our Minneapolis moving company, our experienced moving crews are well-equipped to handle moving in winter. Not only are our moving trucks designed to handle risky roadways, but our movers are trained extensively in moving safely in winter weather.

If you are moving house in January, February, or any time the weather is cold and snowy , follow these tips for moving during winter and how to prepare your home before your Minneapolis residential movers appear on your doorstep.


  • Shovel snow and salt your driveway. Your movers should have safe and easy access from the road to your home. Use snow shovels to clear up your driveway, walkways, and doorstep. Then, use deicing salts to melt ice in slippery areas that will experience high traffic.
  • Heat Up Your Home. Making sure the inside of your home is properly heated will keep you and your movers comfortable. Use your home’s heater but avoid lighting any fireplaces, though. All the moving parts and flammable packing materials involved in a move pose too much of a fire hazard.
  • Prepare Hot Beverages. Another way to keep you and your movers warm during the moving process is by preparing some hot beverages. Fill up a thermos with coffee or hot cocoa and hand out drinks in paper coffee cups.
  • Weatherproof Your Home & Belongings. When you are moving furniture in cold weather and transporting your belongings out of your home when its snowing, you must protect your things from precipitation and the moisture it brings. Your movers’ winter boots might bring in ice and slush onto your floors. Snow melting on furniture can lead to damage or mold. Weatherproof your home by laying out rugs or blankets at your front door. Waterproof your items by wrapping furniture in plastic shrink wrap and packing your things in plastic, watertight, and sealed containers instead of cardboard moving boxes.
  • Load Your Car with Winter Tools. If it is also snowing at your new home, you should have the driveway and walking paths cleared before your movers arrive. If the snow fall is particularly heavy, we recommend bringing snow shovels and other winter tools in your personal vehicle. You may have to clear away a thin layer of snow before your movers can start the unloading process.

We know moving in the winter is stressful, but when you have the help of our professional movers and follow these tips, it doesn’t have to be. Contact us to learn more about our other moving services to help you with your winter move.

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