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Are you looking to put some of your belongings in storage? Our team of Minneapolis movers can help. Storage unit companies can have strict rules about what you can put in a unit. Make sure you know the rules that your Minnesota moving company requires for their storage facilities. If you need help figuring out what to store, our team has put together the following suggestions.


Idea 1: Holiday or Seasonal Decorations

If closet space is tight at your home, consider renting a small storage unit to keep your holiday decorations or seasonal items. Summer sports equipment or winter sports equipment are great for storing in the off-season so your garage isn’t full of items you can’t use for half the year. Just make sure if any of those items are motor vehicles that you empty the gasoline out of them so there is no explosion risk.


Idea 2: Extra Furniture

Have a couple extra couches that won’t fit in the garage or basement? If you don’t want to sell them, our Minneapolis storage services can hold onto them until you are ready to move them into a new room or home. This is perfect if you are holding on to furniture for your children to use when they start a family, or if you have a home office setup that you aren’t using anymore.


Idea 3: Clutter from Your Home

Did you clean out your house for a move but couldn’t bear to part with your extra belongings? A storage unit will keep your items safe and sound until you make space for them again. Your storage unit can be a great place to keep all the clutter from your home without giving away meaningful or valuable items. Be careful though – some storage spaces will put a limit on the value of the items you can keep in the facility due to liability and risk issues.


Do you have more questions about our Minneapolis storage services? Call our Minnesota moving company today and we can help you decide the best options for you. Trust USA Family Moving to handle all of your moving and storage needs.

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