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Once you move, your home can become cluttered with excess packing materials, boxes and packing supplies that you no longer need. Our Minneapolis movers have come across tons of different ways to reuse those items around your home. Here are some of our favorite ways to reuse packing supplies.


Cardboard boxes

Those old moving boxes can be reused in many creative ways. Use those boxes to store and organize items you want to save but keep out of sight. Books, magazines, seasonal clothing, etc. can all be organized in those moving boxes and placed in the back of your closet. Use those boxes to ship packages and presents. Sell your boxes online, on college campuses or at moving centers.


Bubble Wrap

While it’s addicting and fun to pop the bubbles, your leftover bubble wrap can be used in several ways. Keep your plants hydrated after a move when you wrap their stems with bubble wrap. If you are shipping food, bubble wrap can avoid them bumping and bruising before they reach their destination.


Packing Peanuts

Those pesky packing peanuts may be everywhere, but you can put them to good use. Do you have a cushion or pillow that needs some filling? Stick some packing peanuts inside. You can dip them in paint and make designs for your walls or items. They can be colored or painted and used for holiday decorations.


Any of your leftover packing supplies can be reused for arts and crafts and other entertainment projects for your family. Kids will love doing crafts with those leftover supplies. Don’t let your leftover moving supplies take over. Follow our Minneapolis movers’ tips to reuse packing supplies and declutter your home.

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