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As the busy moving season starts in May, it’s now National Moving Month! In 1997, the U.S. Department of Transportation declared that May was National Moving Month to mark the increase in demand for moving and storage services.

As a veteran-owned moving company for over 20 years, our professional movers want to assist with all your family’s moving needs so we’re sharing some moving tips in honor of National Moving Month.

When Is Peak Moving Season?

Did you know that May kicks off peak moving season? While there is less demand to relocate between September and April, Memorial Day marks the beginning of the busy moving season. 

The spring and summer months are the most convenient times of the year to move since the weather is great and, especially for families, the kids are out of school, which makes moving a smoother transition. A move no matter what time of the year is still stressful, but when there’s more demand for moving companies and storage facilities, availability becomes more limited and prices for moving services are sure to spike, which can add another level of stress.

When Is the Best Time to Move?

Especially if you’re moving during National Moving month or the subsequent busy moving season, we suggest that you schedule your move on a weekday around the middle of the month. These days generally have less customer demand than the end of the month or weekends. Our residential movers in Georgia also suggest scheduling your moving day in the morning rather than the evening.

Moving Tips to Prepare for National Moving Month

Host a Garage Sale

Before you even start packing for your move, host a garage or yard sale to rid yourself of unwanted furniture and other belongings. This is a great way to lighten your load before relocating and, bonus, you can make some money to help cover a bit of the moving costs. For the items you don’t sell, donate them to local charities. If you are still overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you have, invest in short-term or long-term storage in Georgia.

Create a Moving Checklist

Relocating, even locally, can be an overwhelming and complicated process. To stay organized throughout your move, create a moving checklist that details every moving task that needs to be accomplished before moving day. Even little details can fall through the cracks, and although professional movers will help you coordinate and manage your move, it is helpful to be prepared throughout your relocation.  

Our Georgia family movers have a convenient printable moving checklist to help you be fully prepared for National Moving Month.  

Label Your Moving Boxes

Our Georgia full-service movers and packers highly recommend that you label your moving boxes. Labels help you and the movers determine which boxes are heavy so they are properly lifted. Another benefit of labeling moving boxes is to know which room the boxes belong to, which makes it easier for you and the movers to unload. It will also cut down the time it takes to unpack your belongings.

Our professional packers suggest labeling with a sharpie or marking the boxes with different colors to indicate what’s inside and where it belongs in the new house.

If the idea of packing is overwhelming you, opt for our affordable and convenient professional packing services. Our full-service movers and packers only utilize premium moving supplies to ensure that your belongings are ready for transit.

Pack an Essentials Bag

Before moving day, pack an essentials bag that should be easily accessible throughout the move as well as the first few days in your new home. The essentials bag should include clothing, keys, medications, cash, a basic first-aid kit, charging cables, and toiletries. It is also recommended to pack a separate, easily accessible bag containing your legal documents, medical records, school records, vehicle registration, will, the deed or lease agreement, stocks, and other important documents.

Our long-distance movers and packers also recommend packing a cooler with snacks and drinks. This will keep you and the movers fed and comfortable throughout your relocation.   

Schedule Your Moving Day Early  

Since National Moving Month kicks off the busiest time to move, our professional movers and packers recommend scheduling your moving day as far in advance as you can. Try to book your movers early in the morning to get your moving day started right away. This will drastically reduce your moving costs.

Hire Our Certified Professional Movers

Hiring our certified professional moving company will deliver a successful relocation during National Moving Month. USA Family Moving has over 20 years of experience in the moving industry during peak moving season. If you want a dedicated team of moving professionals to assist with your relocation during National Moving Month, call our pros at (612) 425-1535 and schedule your move today.

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