Although the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, it comes with its moving challenges. That’s why our expert national movers pay close attention to every detail to ensure a hassle-free moving experience. Along with our reliable moving and storage company and moving tips for cold weather, you’ll be prepared for your upcoming move this winter season.  

Confirm Details With Your Moving Company

Moving in the winter can present some unique challenges. Confirm all the details with your moving company at least one week before moving day. This should include moving services, what time the movers should arrive, and how to prepare for cold weather.   

Call Ahead For Utilities

Be prepared before moving day by calling ahead to confirm your utilities in your new home are turned on. If your lights or heat are not turned on, it will be especially hard for your local movers to unload your belongings. Our national movers and packers recommend that your utilities are turned on at least two days before you move in.

Clear the Sidewalks and Stairs

An important moving tip for cold weather is to clear your stairs and nearby sidewalks.  Moving during the winter months can lead to accidents such as slipping. To ensure the safety of your moving labor and to prevent damage to your belongings, keep walkways clear from snow or ice.   

Keep a Box of Towels and Blankets Close

One of our most recommended moving tips for moving in the winter is to keep a box of towels or blankets nearby and accessible. With the possibility of snow or rain, it’s not a bad idea to have towels to clean up the water left behind from snow or to protect your belongings.

Double Pack Fragile Items  

One of the best packing tips for moving during the winter is to double pack your fragile items. Most fragile items can become delicate in cold weather. Properly wrap your fragile belongings to stay secure during transit. Are you worried about damage? Enlist our quality packers and movers that know how to pack fragile items! Our professional packing services include expert packing techniques using our durable moving supplies.

Protect Your Floors

One of our most recommended moving tips and tricks to protect your hardwood floors is to cover them while moving furniture. If you’re moving in the winter, it is especially important to cover your floors to prevent water damage from snow or rain. Our expert furniture movers cover your hardwood floors to mitigate potential dents and scratches. Before moving day, speak with a customer support team member about bringing moving supplies such as moving blankets to protect your floors and furniture.  

Include Winter Clothes in Your Essentials Bag

Our residential movers always recommend packing an essential bag that is easily accessible during your move. This ‘Essentials’ bag should include your phone and laptop chargers, wallet, medications, important documents, and other personal belongings that you want to keep close. One of our moving tips for cold weather is to pack winter gear such as an extra coat, gloves, or hat. Your move may take a few hours when the temperature drops.   

Read our national moving blog or check out our moving checklist for more of the best moving tips and tricks for hassle-free moving experiences. 

Schedule a Move With the Best Movers and Packers!

Need a trustworthy moving company to assist with moving in the winter? Consult with our professional moving and storage company! Our residential movers offer exceptional winter packing, moving, and storage services to help you relocate your home efficiently and affordably. Contact our national movers for a free moving quote by calling (800) 479-7904 for more information about our packing, moving, and storage services. Don’t wait to schedule your winter move today!

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