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At USA Family Moving, we know that moving in the winter time is not ideal, especially in Minnesota. We are here to help you make your next winter moving experience a little easier. Our professional Twin Cities full-service movers have put together our top winter moving tips to get you prepared. Moving in the winter will save you money and our team will save you hassle.


Clear the snow outside your home

The most important thing you can do for a winter move is to clear a walkway for your movers, both at your old home and your new home (if possible). A clear path means that your movers will transport your furniture from your old home to the truck to your new home without slipping, falling, or dropping your items. Keep salt and shovels on hand in case you need them during the process.


Protect your floors

Your floors at both your old home and your new home are going to get some major traffic on moving day. With the salt, snow, and dirt on the bottom of your shoes and the movers’ shoes who are helping with the heavy lifting, moving day can wreak havoc on your floors. Take steps to protect them with cardboard or plastic sheeting to cover high traffic areas. If you are protecting carpet, tack cardboard pieces on top to keep it clean and dry.


Have warm drinks for you and your movers

Whether it’s hot chocolate, coffee, or tea, have some hot liquid available for you and your movers. After a few hours moving in the cold, it will be a welcome treat while thawing out.


Call your power company!

Don’t forget to set up heat and electric services at your new home. You should have your services discontinued at your old home the day AFTER moving day, and the services at your new home activated the day of or the day BEFORE moving day. This way you know your home will be nice and cozy for the move in process.


Keep an eye on the weather

If there is a massive snow storm on the way, you may need to reschedule your move in day. In that case, make sure you can stay in your old home a couple more days, and make sure you call your utilities provider and tell them to keep the lights (and the heat) on for you.


Moving in the winter doesn’t have to be a pain. With these winter moving tips from USA Family Moving, you’ll be ready to take on your chilly moving day like a pro.


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