Sometimes, people that are moving will need to figure out how to move a washing machine onto a truck so that they can transport it to their next destination. There are many reasons why someone would choose to move their old washing machine to their new home. The most obvious reason is that purchasing a new machine might be extremely expensive.

Someone that wants to save as much money as possible will also want to save money on their move. This can be done by following these crucial steps. Moving to a different home is a process that quickly accrues various expenses. To learn from our Georgia movers how to move a washing machine in the most effective way possible, do not hesitate to read below.

How to Move a Washing Machine Upstairs

Often, it will be necessary for you to move a washing machine up a set of stairs. Doing this is extremely dangerous. Fortunately for you, our movers in Marietta, GA, will teach you the safest way to transport a washing machine upstairs.

When wondering how to move a washing machine upstairs, first, you will need to get an extra pair of hands. Moving heavy machinery like washing machines is extremely dangerous. Such large items can fall on top of someone and cause serious injury. These machines are also extremely awkwardly shaped. This means the more hands that are used to position and move the machine, the better.

After getting a partner, you should load the machine onto a furniture dolly. Next, remove all of the hoses and cables that are connected and secure everything to the dolly with ropes. Thanks to the wheels that a dolly has, it will be easier to move the machine across the house. After putting the washing machine on a dolly, you and your partner should make an effort to set up a ramp or a set of tracks on the staircase so that you can slide the machine upstairs.

By coupling both a dolly and a ramp, you will be able to effortlessly move your washing machine upstairs. 

How to Move a Stacked Washer and Dryer

Stacked washers and dryers are extremely useful for people living in smaller homes or apartments, but moving them may seem like a challenge. If your stacked washer and dryer can come apart, our Marietta movers recommend that you separate them before you move them to another home. This will make them less bulky.

After separating the pieces, you should take each component to the moving truck individually. However, if you have a stacked washer and dryer that does not easily come apart, we recommend that you use a similar technique to the one that we mentioned above. But, as these are generally taller than regular washers, you may need to place them inside the moving truck horizontally.

If you are looking for how to move a washer and dryer, you should make sure to fully understand how to secure something in a moving truck. Our Alpharetta movers can help you with this since we are so experienced in the industry. 

How to Move a Washing Machine by Yourself

It is not a good idea to move something like a washing machine by yourself. If the situation calls for it, you should try your best to not cut any corners when it comes to the equipment that you use. To move a washing machine by yourself, it is imperative that you remain as safe as possible. Properly using your equipment is most likely to result in a safe and successful move. 

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