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When you are getting prepared to move, make sure to do your research. We’ve heard many stories over the years about customers who experienced moving scams simply because they didn’t look up their movers before hiring them. Our Minneapolis local movers at USA Family Moving are here to help you ensure your movers are up to the task. We want you to avoid a moving scam. Have a safe and efficient move thanks to our team of expert movers.


Online Reviews

The first thing you should check about a prospective moving company is their online reviews. Good sites to check out are Yelp, Facebook, Google and Better Business Bureau. This gives you insights into the good and bad experiences that people have had with that moving company and can show you if people would recommend moving with them in the future.


Ask Friends for Recommendations

Another way to get an idea about prospective moving companies is to ask your friends and family about companies they’ve used. If your friends and family have had a positive experience with them, then you can trust that you will also likely have a positive experience. Also, you may learn of a moving company that didn’t come up in your research.


Call Your Moving Company Prospects

You should narrow your search down to three or four moving companies and reach out to get a quote. From the minute you get on the phone with the moving company, you should be evaluating them. Are they friendly and helpful? Do they answer all your questions? Are they flexible and able to work with your needs? Quality movers can accommodate most moves with ease and are always willing to help make your move happen. Calling the moving companies that you are interested in is a good way to gage the customer service you’d receive on moving day. Ensure you avoid a moving scam when you follow these tips from our team of Minneapolis local movers.

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