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What to Know Before Moving to Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a hubbub of all things great. From an array of cultures, a shopping mall so big it has literally been named the Mall of America and some of the best eateries, our Twin Cities movers want to prepare you for what you will experience when you move to Minneapolis. So, before you move to Minneapolis, we want to share these important facts about our great city.

It Is Cold, Like Real Cold!

One of the most important things you need to know before moving to Minneapolis is that the winters are cold, well, freezing to be exact. Make sure when you are preparing for the move, depending on where you are relocating from that you have the proper winter materials. Just know that you can expect snow and a high electricity bill. You will want to run your heater and our local Minneapolis movers highly recommend you do.

One of the Biggest Malls in America

Since its beginning in 1992, the Mall of America has completely changed the game when we think of the word mall. Today it has more than 400 events each year that encompasses fashion shows, concerts, and special guest appearances. The crazy thing about Mall of America, besides the fact it has rides and almost every store known in demand, is the fact it brings in about 40 million tourists each year. Mall of America generates around 2 billion dollars each year, which helps the state’s economy.1 Before moving to Minneapolis, you should know that although we have this great mall at our doorstep, we locals don’t venture out to it all the time.

A Foodies Paradise

Did you know that Minneapolis at one time was rated number one for the best local food scene?2 The local food scene in Minneapolis only seems to be growing and expanding. There seems to be something for every culture and dietary restrictions. The best part though is that since this is a local food scene and most of the restaurants are mom and pop, it is affordable for families to go out and eat without breaking the bank. So before moving to Minneapolis make sure you bring some stretchy pants because you will want to sample everything!

Getting the Perfect Moving Service to Help

Before you actually move to Minneapolis you will need the perfect moving service to help you relocate. Here at USA Family Moving, our expert movers are dedicated to safely relocating all your valuables to Minneapolis. Give our Minneapolis residential movers a call for a free moving quote!



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