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Packing supplies have a habit of taking over your home once you successfully move and unpack. Instead of just throwing it away, wouldn’t it be great if you could use it for something in your home? Our Minneapolis movers agree. We have put together some of the most creative ways to reuse the bubble wrap laying around your home.

Add to Reusable Shopping Bags

Bubble wrap can help keep your cold food cold and your hot food hot. If you purchase frozen foods from the store, you can line your reusable grocery bags with bubble wrap to help the food keep its temperature until it reaches your freezer. If you are on the way to a cookout, you can keep beverages cold or cooked food nice and warm by wrapping it in bubble wrap.


Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Bubble wrap is a great insulator. You can tape a sheet of bubble wrap on the window to avoid a draft from entering the house in the winter and avoid the heat creeping in during the summer. Your bank account will thank you when those energy bills are considerably cheaper.


Protect Your Plants

Your outdoor plants won’t do well when the winter frost starts kicking in. Keep them protected by bubble wrapping them to keep out the frost. Another gardening tip – bubble wrap is a great padding for your knees if you are spending a lot of time digging and planting in the yard.


Stress Relief

There is a reason why kids and adults alike love popping bubble wrap – it’s a proven stress reliever. If you’ve had a hard day, just grab a sheet of bubble wrap and start popping! Your extra moving supplies can help you keep a calm head throughout the work day or during a crazy day with the kids.


You can count on our Minneapolis movers to help you make the most out of every aspect of moving. Check out our Twin Cities Moving Blog for more tips and tricks to make life before, during, and after moving easier.